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Further student housing to accommodate the University of Edinburgh

June 30 2020

Further student housing to accommodate the University of Edinburgh

A new bid has been made to build 112 student flats at 200 Mayfield Road, right next door to plans for a further 148 beds (awaiting consent).

Once again led by Lanark Student Living and 56Three Architects (formerly known as Susan Stephen) the planning bid concerns a site overlooking Craigmillar Park Golf Course, close to the King's Buildings campus of the University of Edinburgh.

Detailing their design approach to the site the architect wrote: "The white precast plinth establishes a public back of pavement level and reduces the perceived building height sensitively in its context. The brickwork elevations are articulated with recessed panels and soldier course banding to accentuate verticality whilst offering a hierarchy of brickwork opening sizes.

"Careful white precast concrete details celebrate and express the corners along with selected windows to breakdown the facade. The playful 5th floor is detailed in light coloured zinc blending with the sky whilst maintaining and light and fresh appearance."

Stepping up in scale from its neighbours in line with a rise in the road the latest block includes a variety of roof features such as chimneys and dormers to provide skyline interest with expressed corners providing oblique views along Braefoot Terrace.


Randall Sloan
#1 Posted by Randall Sloan on 30 Jun 2020 at 15:07 PM
"The Playful 5th floor", well blow me I couldn't have put it better myself isn't it just so coquettish compared to the lower floors??.....NOT, whatta' load of baloney. I can't decide if "playful" is better or worse than the rather "wordy" description of the brick facade which I would sum up much more succinctly as, er, Mundane, and I think that is being kind
#2 Posted by Matt on 30 Jun 2020 at 21:13 PM
Chronic over development/ crap corporate architecture combo.... as expected.
Urban scale on a suburban/ rural edge next to the Braidburn. I am sure non of this matters and it will get planning...

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