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Parkhead hospital demolition signifies healthy ambition

June 17 2020

Parkhead hospital demolition signifies healthy ambition
Work to deliver the largest planned health centre in Scotland is to commence shortly following an application to demolish Parkhead Hospital at Salamanca Street, Glasgow.
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde with Hoskins Architects will take down the current building, which has been closed since 2018, retaining only the existing health centre until the new facility is up and running.
The £64.3m North East Health Centre will unify healthcare to tackle entrenched inequalities and quality of life indicators in the area; drawing together GP surgeries, addiction treatment, homelessness services and mental health care under one roof.
The new-build solution will also contribute to ongoing regeneration around the historic Parkhead Cross.
A design and build contract has been agreed with Hub West Scotland to build the 10,000sq/m facility.

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Fat Bloke on Tour
#1 Posted by Fat Bloke on Tour on 17 Jun 2020 at 22:00 PM
Spiel behind the design seems very trendy wendy -- seems to be middle class welfare regarding the costs -- £6.4K per M2 with warm words and little action for the plebs on the ground.

To be fair the costs would appear to be ridiculous and then some ...

Oct 2019 = £34Mill for the 10K M2 build.
June 2020 = £64.3Mill for the same build some mistake surely.

Then you have the centralisation angle -- 900 healthcare professionals for 75K population? / breakdown please -- just where will they all park?

Earlier AI view of the new building is not worth £3.4K per M2 never mind £6.4K -- no scale / no presence / no inspiration to justify the very high cost.

File under another fail -- just how old is the building it is replacing -- would they not be better using portakabins?

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