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Morningside homes build visual cohesion

March 26 2020

Morningside homes build visual cohesion

AMA Homes with Oberlanders have brought forward plans to sweep away a commercial unit at Falcon Road West, Edinburgh, to erect a five-storey residential development.

The brownfield site just off Morningside Road sits in a fragmented streetscape dominated by mixed residential, a Royal Mail depot and vehicle garage.

Seeking to heal this environment with a contemporary brick façade the proposed development will have a single point of access to the road.

Comprising 11 flats above in-curtilage car parking and services at ground level the development will provide a mix of two and three-bedroom flats

Soft landscaping will be introduced to the rear of the 0.08ha site.

A change of use is sought from the current commercial premises
A change of use is sought from the current commercial premises
Flats will have their own private balconies
Flats will have their own private balconies


James Hep
#1 Posted by James Hep on 26 Mar 2020 at 13:42 PM
My god Scottish House builders are so dull! That is the epitome of driech.
Alistair Henderson
#2 Posted by Alistair Henderson on 26 Mar 2020 at 14:14 PM
Good grief - that is so unimaginative and bland. The only thing that this design "heals" is AMA's owner's pension pot that's just been consumed by Coronavirus.

Oberlanders can do much better than this. Surely?
The Bairn
#3 Posted by The Bairn on 26 Mar 2020 at 22:58 PM
I suggest that anything other than a 'shoe box' design and footprint maybe too challenging for this 'multiple award winning' architect. Is the design before or after the value engineering?
On a brighter note I do like the provision of individual balconies for each property which will aid self-isolation and reduce cabin fever. A selling point as essential in future years as superfast broadband has been up to now.
Kathleen Malone
#4 Posted by Kathleen Malone on 21 Apr 2022 at 18:51 PM
The usual bland block of flats that have sprung up in various parts of Morningside. Why spend money having new plans drawn up and just churn out the same old ones again and again seems to be AMA’s mantra. These wouldn’t look out of place on a Council Estate, they are so average.
#5 Posted by Gem on 20 Mar 2023 at 10:51 AM
I can’t believe this monstrosity got approved. They say they it will ‘heal’ this environment, by blocking a beautiful view of Blackford hill that residents have enjoyed for decades, with an ugly, soulless, imposing building. The ‘fragmented streetscape’ is what made this area nice having openness and lots of sky. I feel sorry for the residents who live directly opposite to this. It’s an absolute shame ruining this area

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