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Play amphitheatre mitigates flood risk in Kings Park drainage scheme

February 19 2020

Play amphitheatre mitigates flood risk in Kings Park drainage scheme

Glasgow City Council have undertaken measure to mitigate flood risk while simultaneously improving amenity with the unveil of a combined amphitheatre and flood basin at Croftfoot Primary, Kings Park.

The urban drainage scheme incorporates new amenity in the form of a sports pitch, play park and walkways undertaken by the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership with funding from the City Deal.

Andrew Lindsay, technical director, at design consultants AECOM commented: “By integrating a variety of drainage features into the urban areas as well as parts of the city where rainfall adversely impacts communities, AECOM has helped manage surface water flooding in South East Glasgow. Not only does this scheme aim to deliver wider benefits to local communities through the creation of amenity space and improved ecology but also provide daylighting culverted watercourses and retrofitted SuDS.

“As part of the project, retrofitted SuDS were placed into schools to remove water flows from the combined sewer within the Glasgow City Council estate.  This also included an external amphitheatre as an outdoor learning space for the pupils which is also used for emergency stormwater storage, a sports pitch with surface water attenuation below and the provision of SuDS treatment features.”

Work undertaken by contractor RJ McCleod saw sections of the Spittal Burn brought to the surface, together with the creation of a woodland walkway and tree planting.


Mary Hill
#1 Posted by Mary Hill on 19 Feb 2020 at 21:21 PM
This is horrible. And is that a gully in the middle of the 'maze'? Not the future of sustainable drainage. Really disappointing Aecom.
Must be Over the Hill
#2 Posted by Must be Over the Hill on 20 Feb 2020 at 09:10 AM
#1, of course it's a gully - how else do you think a SuDS works. I suggest you read the article instead of just looking at the pictures.
Elizabeth Birrell
#3 Posted by Elizabeth Birrell on 20 Feb 2020 at 14:22 PM
Whilst I would be delighted in anything to improve this older southside area in which I have lived for many years as nothing and no money has been spent on any amenities or improvements, it does seem a wee bit 'fur coat and no knickers' as the pavements and roads are in an appalling condition. I know many of my older neighbours are virtually housebound and families with babies that cannot push a pram due to the state of pavements and roads. It is time that GDC addressed these issues which have been ongoing for years mostly due to the age of the area. Should some thought not have went into the very real problems rather than a play amphitheatre!
#4 Posted by FitzHat on 21 Feb 2020 at 08:38 AM
@3 Why would the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership be looking at pavement maintenance? This is a scheme to address flooding issues.

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