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Glasgow extends early years provision with Broomhill build

February 18 2020

Glasgow extends early years provision with Broomhill build

Glasgow City Council has come forward with plans to erect a sister early learning and childcare facility in Broomhill, a sister development to their recently unveiled Govanhill hub.

Part of broader measures to increase capacity in order to meet new obligations to increase the provision of early years learning and care by 2020, the latest addition to the council’s estate will provide space for up to 87 pre-school children.

Situated within the grounds of the former Broomhill Primary annexe in the west end the chosen solution once again breaks up massing with a dual pitched roof, positioned back from the site perimeter to minimise tree loss and maximise south-facing playground.

In a statement, the authority wrote: “The two forms of the building will be articulated with the use of contrasting external materials that are selected to complement the visual character of the immediate
built environment.

Brick is chosen for the entrance block as it evokes a sense of solidity, permanence and robustness; qualities that are reminiscent of the neighbouring tenements.  The smoothness of the standing seam metal cladding contrasts sharply with the brick, whilst the ribbed fibre cement cladding that is used sparingly on both blocks unifies the building.”

The main entrance will be oriented to Randolph Road off a ‘front garden’ which will double as an outdoor meeting space.

South facing external play spaces will be maximised
South facing external play spaces will be maximised


Robert Casement
#1 Posted by Robert Casement on 19 Feb 2020 at 08:53 AM
Has any thought been given to traffic control given the problems associated with peak drop off and collection at nearby Broomhill Primary school?
Robin B's Discount
#2 Posted by Robin B's Discount on 19 Feb 2020 at 13:26 PM
@1. Probably.
Iain Williamson
#3 Posted by Iain Williamson on 15 Dec 2020 at 11:22 AM
I had assumed the parking bays would be from Crow Road as there is already the road depth from the bus stand to stop traffic going down the narrow side street which are 2 way but single width. The airport drop off style set up might work at a secondary school but most 2 year old's can't exit a car themselves and walk into nursery, never mind the morning and afternoon updates with nursery staff and parents. The parents or carers will have to park somewhere to carry their children in and out. Active travel should of course be encouraged however having train stations nearby is an unrealistic solution as those using this type of nursery will be travelling to and from work and home and will be time poor in the mornings meaning 2/3 train journeys plus 2/3 10 minute walks will be unworkable. This needs to be switched to a 12 car diagonal bay parking system off Crow Road to stop an already grid locked area becoming worse [time related parking restrictions are already in place for the primary school] and the commercial evening use of the astro turf pitch runs until 20:00, so the area will now have 5 days a week of 7:45am-20:15 constant traffic.

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