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Funding in place for Glasgow Airport light rail link

January 6 2020

Funding in place for Glasgow Airport light rail link

Glasgow Airport could benefit from a Copenhagen-style automated Metro connection following an agreement between Glasgow and Renfrewshire Council’s to fund a new Metro-style connection to Paisley.

The latest iteration of long-held plans to plug the airport into the rail network would see a spur track laid to Paisley Gilmour Street.
If built this would serve as the backbone of a potential city-wide network to connect areas presently ill-served by public transport.

The Glasgow Metro plan first emerged in a report compiled by Glasgow's Connectivity Commission, which recommended Transport Scotland take the lead on delivering such a link by 2025 before extending east through Renfrew, Braehead, Govan and Pacific Quay toward the city centre.

No preference was given for the technology choice on the line however with possibilities including a hybrid segregated street-running light rail system similar to that employed in Porto.

In its original report, the commission observed: “That all but one of Glasgow’s major hospitals, its airport and several key urban regeneration areas are removed from the fixed public transport network makes getting to those places people want to be more difficult than it should be and constrains the economy as a result.

“… it is no longer appropriate to conceive a rail link to the airport as a freestanding project: rather, it is imperative that it is developed as the first stage of a wider strategy to transform the fixed public transport network for the city and region as a whole.”

If realised it would be the first-time light rail would operate in the city since its historic tram network was dismantled in 1962.


Ian Brown
#1 Posted by Ian Brown on 6 Jan 2020 at 18:10 PM
Very pleased to read that a light rail link is to be built to connect Glasgow Airport with Paisley station and the regional rail network. The key is the choice of technology to be used should not come from the tendering process or any specific advocate, but from the vision for the new system ie whether it is to be an automated shuttle or a light rail system serving a wider catchment area.
Robert Muir
#2 Posted by Robert Muir on 6 Jan 2020 at 21:03 PM
Not in my lifetime I fear. I've been hearing about this for donkey's years it's all (self regulated) pi** we don't even have a decent road from Renfrew/Airport/Paisley. What chance a metro link Nane!!!
Derek Wilson
#3 Posted by Derek Wilson on 7 Jan 2020 at 11:48 AM
The Connectivity Commission was excellent but had to be more than a dust gatherer. The fact we have identified a start project will mean the misery gutless will have to find something else to moan about. Having this project as a start and not an end in itself is good. It also means we have time to free up capacity at Central for other projects as no extra capacity there is required for this. Well done all who co operated.
John Watson
#4 Posted by John Watson on 8 Jan 2020 at 11:02 AM
Surprised they are spurring back to Paisley Gilmour Street given they could simply link into the existing track that runs along the end of the runway.
Ian Gilmour
#5 Posted by Ian Gilmour on 8 Jan 2020 at 13:42 PM
Have been hearing about on and off for a few years hoping the council's involved pass it through to be up and running
#6 Posted by Terra on 10 Jan 2020 at 21:52 PM
great news! although I find it funny that the trains apparently get shelter from the elements but people don't lol

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