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Hilltown Market to rise from the ashes

November 18 2019

Hilltown Market to rise from the ashes

Sigma Properties and Brunton Design have come forward with plans to build a new leisure park and 280 space surface car park in Dundee’s Hilltown.

Hilltown Leisure Park will include an indoor market in addition to a bowling alley, play area, gym and golf range accessible from Main Street.

Visualisations produced of the big box attraction depict a 5,000sq/m centre clad in graffiti-resistant metal sheeting on the site of the former Hilltown Market which was destroyed in a fire last year.

Hilltown has been designated as a ‘district centre’ by Dundee City Council, prioritising the delivery of new homes within the inner-city area.

The large-scale scheme will sit on the junction with Isla Street.

The new markets will be rebranded as Hilltown Park
The new markets will be rebranded as Hilltown Park
The previous fire-damaged market was pulled down in March
The previous fire-damaged market was pulled down in March


#1 Posted by Enough on 19 Nov 2019 at 11:45 AM
Nothing says district centre like a 246 car surface car park.

Or how about that big sell of "graffiti-resistant metal sheeting" because the proposal is so lacking in a sense of place that the designers acknowledge its magnetism for anti-social behaviour before its even built.
#2 Posted by BawbagBorris on 19 Nov 2019 at 15:28 PM
#1 not sure I quite agree, I think actually this would sit reasonably well within the context - a fairly reasoned response given the brief. I do think though that large expanses of white render are a bad call for this climate and for the lochee area for obvious reasons (those same ones that dictated the graffiti proof metal cladding...) Greenwall systems are a bit de-rigeur these days, but in this case maybe they could be employed reasonably effectively to break up that mass and be a bit more 'defensible'.
#3 Posted by Marmit72 on 25 Oct 2021 at 18:04 PM
It's great that we're finally getting a bowling alley in Dundee again instead of having to travel miles to another town and in light of recent build approval which has impacted negatively in the local area it's nice to have approval for something positive and community oriented. There are going to be teething and antisocial issues regardless of what is built but if this build doesn't bring a positive to the local area then there is something wrong, in my opinion.

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