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Fresh Candleriggs Quarter masterplan in the works

September 5 2019

Fresh Candleriggs Quarter masterplan in the works

Stallan-Brand Architects have begun initial design development at Glasgow’s Candleriggs Quarter following their appointment by Drum Property Group and Stamford Property to oversee the key city-centre site.

The new owners are going back to first principles for the sprawling site which has seen a succession of plans come and go over decades of dereliction.

This change in approach will seek to create a more permeable environment with a network of streets and spaces connecting Candleriggs, Trongate, Hutcheson Street and Wilson Street.

Outlining their vision for the gap-site the team wrote: “The established principles inherent in the consented scheme imparted a building form on the site which some have likened to a ‘castle in the Merchant City. This is predominantly attributed to its somewhat impermeable edges and monolithic perimeter.”

“(We will) break the castle-like diagram down into accessible parcels in pursuit of a more porous and connected intervention.”

Pre-application consultations are already underway to inform the mixed-use masterplan which will incorporate a hotel, homes and office space peppered by ground-floor retail and leisure.

Spanning two city blocks the site holds the key to expanding the Merchant City
Spanning two city blocks the site holds the key to expanding the Merchant City


Gandalf the Pink
#1 Posted by Gandalf the Pink on 5 Sep 2019 at 10:57 AM
Ah, Candleriggs... I wonder how many jobs have been supported in design offices around the country by this Glasgow black hole.
A rare optimist
#2 Posted by A rare optimist on 5 Sep 2019 at 15:32 PM
Obviously with this particular site, none of us are holding our breath. Not until we see foundations getting drilled.

But... Stallan-Brand are much better team and this developer does seem to have a track record of – you know – building stuff. And not just land banking.

And... what's really interesting is the wider context in the immediate area. A similar plan has just kicked off this month to develop the giant King Street car park one block south. (Surprised UR haven't picked up on it). An in-principle application is already in with GCC, and it's earmarked as a priority project in the draft (Y)our St Enoch masterplan. So should get approval more quickly.

Add that to the (apparently approved) huge residential development behind High Street and Bell Street (also Stallan-Brand), and it represents three enormous projects in just one corner of the city centre. Could be a very different part of town, pretty quickly.

*If* it all happens of course.
#3 Posted by Gee on 6 Sep 2019 at 10:11 AM
It's a shame the industrial buildings were cleared from this site, there was an interesting assortment that could have worked well with a "permeable" approach, and generally this is done well in the Merchant City. Still - fingers crossed, it's an important site and could be done really well.
Detrek Wilson
#4 Posted by Detrek Wilson on 6 Sep 2019 at 11:40 AM
The King St one is screening opinion. 19/02350/SCR. Hotel application on Osborne St has been approved. 19/00886/FUL.

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