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Rural Design count on planning approval for Portree offices

August 2 2019

Rural Design count on planning approval for Portree offices

Rural Design Architects have taken the lead on a proposed new office development at Portree on the Isle of Skye.

The 278sq/m premises have been commissioned by local accountancy firm Campbell Stewart MacLennan & Co for the outskirts of town on land off Leasgeary Road.

Spread across a single floor the head office would include additional lettable office space as well as a meeting room and a ‘feature abacus’ marking a front entrance ramp.

The main office would provide space for 16 desks augmented by a reception, private office rooms and a kitchen.

Portree has seen significant expansion in recent years including a planned visitor centre for seafood specialists Marine Harvest.


boaby wan
#1 Posted by boaby wan on 5 Aug 2019 at 13:03 PM
It's kind of a shame that Rural Design's approach doesn't seem to translate that well to non-domestic projects, aside from the talla na mara project.
I wonder if it's the sites or budgets but there's been a couple of stinkers on here recently
Nairn's Bairn
#2 Posted by Nairn's Bairn on 5 Aug 2019 at 13:49 PM
I little harsh Boaby, but yes, it does remind me of the industrial workshops we did for HIE in the early 90s. It's scrupulously simple - maybe a freebie in exchange for this years book-keeping?

Quite like the abacus entrance feature shown on the planning drawing though, that's fun.
Nairn's Bairn
#3 Posted by Nairn's Bairn on 5 Aug 2019 at 14:01 PM
Also good to see that the Print Room will be Stationary; I hate it when you go to collect your prints and the rooms moved.

A classic right up there with principal/principle - I recall a former senior partner erupting into a pink rage after seeing 'principle' on a drawing for the umpteenth time...

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