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Infill flats to bookend Restalrig tenement

June 6 2019

Infill flats to bookend Restalrig tenement

Johnston Harris Architects have filed plans to replace a pub in the Restalrig area of Edinburgh with a ‘bookend’ development of seven flats.

The unlisted ‘Bunch O’Roses’ will be demolished to make way for the six-level scheme, masking a rendered gable with an ordered brick façade and metal clad upper level to provide appropriate punctuation to the street line.

A design statement supporting the proposed design read: “High quality, minimal detailing will be adopted throughout the proposal with refined brick detailing to openings, minimal edge profiles to copes and hidden gutters emphasising the simplicity of form and distinguishing the proposed new build from its earlier counterpart.”

A ground level balustrade, terrace and garden will afford a degree of privacy to the ground floor.


#1 Posted by Cadmonkey on 6 Jun 2019 at 14:56 PM
A heads up for you lads...Building Reg 4.2.5...

"Installation of a passenger lift will allow all dwellings on upper storeys to be reached from a common entrance level. However it is recognised that it may not always be reasonably practicable to provide lift access within all domestic buildings.

Therefore, a building containing flats or maisonettes may be constructed without a passenger lift where not more than 4 storeys in height and where there is no dwelling with a principal living level at more than 10m above either a common entrance level or the level of the lowest storey.

In any building above this height, or where there are communal facilities on a level other than a common entrance level, there should be a means of unassisted access. This should serve each level of the building that contains a common entrance, an entrance to a dwelling or communal facilities. Unassisted access between storeys should be by passenger lift, with the installation meeting the recommendations of BS EN 81-70: 2003."
Regs Regs Regs
#2 Posted by Regs Regs Regs on 7 Jun 2019 at 09:50 AM
Err, fire fighting lobby?
#3 Posted by Sven on 8 Jun 2019 at 10:22 AM
The design is bland but the problem is the crushing in of studio flats between 42-60 sqm.We should not be building flats so small that they are basically one room. This is not good architecture, it is greed.

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