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LDN Architects take design lead at Inverness Castle visitor centre

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May 13 2019

LDN Architects take design lead at Inverness Castle visitor centre

Highland Council has selected LDN Architects to carry forward the transformation of Inverness Castle into a set piece visitor destination for the city.

LDN were brought on board for their extensive conservation expertise, which will see the heritage asset enhanced for its new role as a tourism hub, serving as a gateway to the wider Highland region.

The castle vision includes the formation of new galleries and displays as well as a selection of shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. New public spaces, including a viewpoint, will also be developed with the potential to build additional hotel accommodation.

Stuart MacKellar of LDN Architects said: “As architect for the recent improvements to the neighbouring Inverness Town House, as well as a range of other heritage projects in the UK and beyond, we are excited to be bringing our experience to bear for the castle project.”

In tandem with the physical works, an events programme will be led by Creative Services, an independent cultural consultancy, which will seek to maximise the educational and promotional potential of the castle.

Inverness Castle image by Ewen Weatherspoon


John 'Jack' Lisman
#1 Posted by John 'Jack' Lisman on 22 May 2019 at 22:36 PM
I worked on the design and construction of the present Bridge Street site. I will be visiting Inverness (my home town) on vacation later this summer, and am very interested in the new project. Perhaps architect McKillop could meet me?
John Lisman
#2 Posted by John Lisman on 22 May 2019 at 22:55 PM
My apologies to Mr MacKellar for spelling his name so incorrectly.
I have information about the design of the rear retaining wall and the drainage system which may be of interest to him. I expect to be in Inverness later this summer.
Stuart M
#3 Posted by Stuart M on 23 May 2019 at 13:42 PM
Hi John,

You are correct that such a topic would spark my curiosity. I would be fascinated to discuss potential penetrations to my rear retaining wall, substantial drainage i'm sure will be required, we can collaborate on a joint system; take it in turns if you will. I think at some point in our lives we all expect to be in Inverness later in the summer, in my experience though it has never come to this.
Alastair Owens
#4 Posted by Alastair Owens on 13 Jun 2019 at 22:44 PM
A flag has not been flown on the original flagpole on the south west tower of the Castle for many years as I believe that there was no safe access route to it so another flagpole was erected in a position easier to reach, but I trust that it will now be made possible for a flag to be flown from the south west tower and that there will no longer be any need to have two flagpoles on the building.

The viewpoint recently opened at the north end of he Castle has been a great success but as it not possible for disabled people to reach it, could another viewpoint be created, possibly on the south west tower, with a lift so that disabled people could reach the top.

I am a member of the Highland Railway Society and I have asked them to get in touch with you with a view to having a good sized display within the building featuring transport in the Highlands, particularly railways. They have a vast knowledge of our railways from the past up to the present day and I am sure that they will be very enthusiastic about the opportunity we may now have for such a display to be created. You may wish to contact their Deputy Chairman and Secretary, John Wise, Westerton Farmhouse, Dess, Aboyne AB34 5AY.

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