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A9 masterplan seeks to redefine roadside services

April 17 2019

A9 masterplan seeks to redefine roadside services

GB Grove have filed an application in principle to create a green roadside service station at Kinbuck serving northbound traffic on the A9 outside Dunblane.

Occupying land previously utilised for commercial forestry the proposals call for creation of a petrol filling station, restaurants and hotel within a landscaped masterplan focussed on central water features.

Outlining the design intent behind the project Convery Prentice Architects wrote: “The goal of this development is to combine the elements of the contextual with the contemporary motorway service station to create a development that relates to both, providing a development that relates strongly to the local area while also providing the facilities of a modern service station.

“The buildings have then been arranged in a loose cluster around a central water feature, with the smaller buildings closer to the A9 and larger buildings to the rear this again reduces the impact of the development. This fragmentation of the development combined with the tree planting lessens the commercial nature of the site and compliments the existing landscape character…”

Detailed design work has yet to be carried out but the intent is to create a series of low lying structures, green roofs and belts of trees to shelter the development within the wider landscape.

Previous attempts to introduce business and leisure elements have been dropped
Previous attempts to introduce business and leisure elements have been dropped
Water features play a key role in the plan
Water features play a key role in the plan


Sam Shortt
#1 Posted by Sam Shortt on 18 Apr 2019 at 16:08 PM
I suspect that one of the reasons that the Eaglesgate Retail Village at Blackford died a death is that it was too close to Glasgow, i.e. travellers leaving the central belt and heading north or vice versa wont stop having just started a trip or in the other direction nearly at the end of a trip. It's appreciated that this is a different commercial offer however the same potential risk is involved. House of Bruar is an ideal location as travellers from the central belt will be ready for a stop by then but not at Kinbuck. Northbound travellers from the south will also first see signs for service and hotel facilities at Pirnhall just to the south so this is also likely to dilute potential trade at Kinbuck. There is also a Premier Inn and dining facilities at Whins of Milton alongside Pirnhall.
June Mitchell
#2 Posted by June Mitchell on 14 Oct 2020 at 22:12 PM
I lived at Balhaldie next to Shell garage. This road,A9,is one of the most dangerous roads I have ever known. We witnessed many accidents, and deaths due to people u-turning at the access road to the farm to gain access to the fuel station or the Little Chef,my own Aunt being killed after being hit by a car. I do hope this will not be the case here and the strictest measures are put in place for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

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