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Aberdeen garden gives rise to contemporary home

April 16 2019

Aberdeen garden gives rise to contemporary home

A generous garden off Aberdeen’s Holburn Street has been earmarked for a three-storey contemporary home under plans to subdivide an existing feu.

Currently under the ownership of 325 Holburn Street the owner is keen to maximise the use of land to create a modern family home within an established neighbourhood having failed to win approval for a four-storey block of flats.

Slotting into an historic granite streetscape the contemporary property has been conceived by David Murray Associates to serve as a transition between neighbouring building lines while retaining a small front garden and retaining wall to serve as a street buffer.

Finished in smooth render and fibre cement slates the villa would abut a powerful random granite gable, mediating in scale between the tenement and neighbouring semi-detached property by way of a set back which also helps minimise overlooking.

In a statement the applicant wrote: “The change in plane created by the set back is also reinforced by a change of material to the fibre cement slates which correspond with the prevailing roofing material of the area. The slate then extends along the gable itself and steps down so that when viewed from the south, it forms a visual relationship with the roof of no.325.”

Slate cladding seeks to visually tie-in with the current roofscape
Slate cladding seeks to visually tie-in with the current roofscape

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#1 Posted by MalkyT on 17 Apr 2019 at 11:43 AM
Utter ....., from the same usual suspects in Aberdeen. Everyone is to blame for this, Client, the Council, Architect; it's just not good enough. We all need to make money (and we should be making more) but this is just embarrassing and devalues our profession yet again by churning out the same again and again.

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