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Aberdeenshire Council to extend Peterhead base

April 11 2019

Aberdeenshire Council to extend Peterhead base

Aberdeenshire Council is to press ahead with a £1.5m extension to their Buchan House headquarters in Peterhead, with a new wing of accommodation to be leased to Police Scotland.

Robertson Construction is due to move on-site in mid-May for the 412sq/m build which will provide a shared administrative hub for the council and police on the upper floor, with the lower level reserved solely for the police.

Architects Halliday Fraser Munro will achieve this by extending a current gable over an adjacent car park to the same design and materials specification as the existing building, connecting to it on both ground and the first floor.

Gordon Milne, managing director for Robertson Eastern, said: “Over the past several years, Robertson has developed a close relationship with Aberdeenshire Council and this latest project cements our reputation as specialists in delivering bespoke builds for clients.

“As the original developer of Buchan House, we’re excited to be part of the extension project that will bring much-needed additional facilities and space for Aberdeenshire Council and Police Scotland.”

Completion is expected in January next year.

The extension will blend seamlessly with the existing building
The extension will blend seamlessly with the existing building


#1 Posted by Gawd on 11 Apr 2019 at 11:36 AM
Wow, that is something.
boaby wan
#2 Posted by boaby wan on 11 Apr 2019 at 12:01 PM
The brown detailing is truly magnificent. Hats off to HFM for another top contribution to scottish architecture
#3 Posted by David on 11 Apr 2019 at 13:29 PM
Building of the year contender?
two point perspective
#4 Posted by two point perspective on 12 Apr 2019 at 10:41 AM
Can't wait to specify banana rain water pipes on my next project!
#5 Posted by Robert on 12 Apr 2019 at 14:50 PM
A trend setting evolution of our current nostalgia fuelled obsession for past architectural trends.

Not content with the recent resurgence of naff PoMo and clashing pastel shades in fashionable London circles, HFM are ahead of the curve with a mid-80s faceless business park theme replete with salmon pink blockwork and brown powder coated curtain walling. Nice work guys.
Nairn's Bairn
#6 Posted by Nairn's Bairn on 12 Apr 2019 at 15:10 PM
Salmon forticrete and brown curtain glazing? Aberdeenshire Council are boldly moving into the 1980s here. I hope to see Hewi vinyl D-handle ironmongery and avocado sanitary fittings too.
Marty McFly's going to feel right at home.
#7 Posted by Robert on 12 Apr 2019 at 16:10 PM
Even with things I don't personally like it is usually possible to discern some kind of design ambition. Really difficult to see anything in this. This may be harsh but it leads to the conclusion that either the designer is hopelessly untalented or is working under overwhelming cost + resource pressures to the point where they have given up even trying to produce something decent.

This sort of thing shouldn't be acceptable to clients, the planners, anyone really.
#8 Posted by MalkyT on 15 Apr 2019 at 10:09 AM
@ #7 I think in this instance the client (Aberdeenshire Council) find it more than acceptable. Their chums at Robertsons are doing them a solid under their framework agreement and will have the designer / Architect just draw it up, "We're nae needing anything fancy ken!"
#9 Posted by MV on 15 Apr 2019 at 17:29 PM
Surely this proposal is against some (or all) ARB/ RIAS codes of conduct? I’m not even sure I’m kidding. Sometimes you just have to say NO. NO, even we (HFM) won’t put our name to that. NO.
Rodding Eye
#10 Posted by Rodding Eye on 17 Apr 2019 at 16:14 PM
Where do you think the rodding eyes are?

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