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Preparatory work underway at £66m Burrell rebuild

June 13 2018

Preparatory work underway at £66m Burrell rebuild
The Burrell Collection has put an ambitious £66m rebuild plan into action with a clear out of the existing space, with engineers now hard at work delivering the John McAslan scheme including opening up a previously inaccessible basement.

125 companies, trusts, foundations and individuals have put their own money into the project, most recently a £1m donation from businessman and collector Sir Angus Grossart, to make the vision a reality.

Grossart, who serves as chaior of Chair of the Burrell Renaissance, said: “The Burrell Collection now needs a real renaissance which will place the true significance of Sir William’s legacy and collection within the international league where it should be set.

“The challenge is highly ambitious, but what a privilege it is for our generation to be asked to rise to that call and to take forward this great inheritance.”

Now empty the museum is being prepared for the redisplay of some 9,000 objects which will be arranged across three floors of galleries, stores and exhibitions; including a new 750sq/m special exhibition gallery.

A learning and community wing has also been specified, capable of hosting a regular programme of events and activities. These additions will bring the total gallery space up by 35% and increase public space by no less than 83% - allowing many objects languishing out of sight to be showcased for the first time.

Photography © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection
An engineer studies a diagram of the ageing electric wiring system in the basement
An engineer studies a diagram of the ageing electric wiring system in the basement
The Burrell Collection has now been emptied in readiness for its redevelopment
The Burrell Collection has now been emptied in readiness for its redevelopment


#1 Posted by Billy on 13 Jun 2018 at 19:32 PM
Am I the only one who likes neither the Burrell collection building or the Royal Concert Hall? Other cities would have built more impressive buildings. Concert hall looks like an old eastern block build and the Burrell building is just so dated looking. Would prefer if they demolished it completely. Bilbao have a stunning building in the Guggenheim and Glasgow gets what looks like a cheap industrial unit set in a park. Figueras has a stunning museum in the Dali museum. Both a delight and excite the visitor . Then there is the Burrell building. First time I saw it I just looked in disbelief that such an unimpressive building would be the home to such fabulous treasures. Hardly a jaw dropping building.
#2 Posted by Wee_Tam on 13 Jun 2018 at 20:04 PM
Yup...architects love it but I agree with you it looks like a naff self-build sourced from random scrap yards. Burrell himself would be raging but made that's the idea to get back for his 'nae loaners' clause.
Mr. Common sense
#3 Posted by Mr. Common sense on 14 Jun 2018 at 15:14 PM
#1 I'll second that Billy. For the amount of £66m this currect carbuncle should be detonated and replaced with a proper visual and architectural gem. This city just caters for its people - low level everything. Same for Transport Museum - let's make the museum space half size of previous exhibition and give half of it as a private garage for a local businessman for free. Leaving growing collection rotting to dust. But it's designed by Zaha Hadid, so stfu pleb...

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