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Approval sought for revised Ravenscraig masterplan

March 28 2018

Approval sought for revised Ravenscraig masterplan
The developers behind the redevelopment of the former Ravenscraig steelworks near Motherwell have submitted their latest masterplan for the sprawling brownfield regeneration site.

Spurred by a commitment from North Lanarkshire Council to commit £190m towards a road building programme in the area next year the plans call for 550 homes, twin primary schools, a 17-acre park, community and commercial facilities to be delivered in phases through to 2021.

This follows on from a 2006 masterplan which largely stalled with the onset of the global financial crisis.

Des Murray, assistant chief executive for housing and enterprise at North Lanarkshire Council, commented: “The Council has always recognised the need to redevelop the site as part of our wider ambition for local communities and the area as a whole. Ravenscraig is not just a symbolic site for North Lanarkshire; it’s also of significant strategic importance. That’s why we have committed to the groundbreaking £190million pan-Lanarkshire Orbital roads investment which will make development at Ravenscraig easier.

A key part of the Cooper Cromar masterplan is the formation of a new ‘town centre’ that will include a convenience store and other shops next to a newly built 40-bed hotel.

450 homes have been built at Ravenscraig thus far
450 homes have been built at Ravenscraig thus far


#1 Posted by E=mc2 on 28 Mar 2018 at 21:39 PM
Vision? Really?

It's someones idea of a smorgasbord of uses to give the developers a financial return that have been dutifully ticked off a list.

No character. No sense of place. No ambition.
#2 Posted by StyleCouncil on 29 Mar 2018 at 10:19 AM
Is the newly built 40 bed hotel a Premier Inn by any chance...?
These images are utterly desperate.
Mary Hill
#3 Posted by Mary Hill on 29 Mar 2018 at 10:45 AM
This is one of the least inspiring things I've ever seen. Have we just given up in Scotland?
#4 Posted by Billy on 29 Mar 2018 at 11:06 AM
Would be nice to be reminded that we are in Scotland. A turret here and there would be nice as would red sandstone even as a facade. All these new builds look as if they have all been shipped from a factory.
#5 Posted by Mintit on 29 Mar 2018 at 11:09 AM
LOL - atrocious!
You cant fit quicker than a kwik fit fitter
#6 Posted by You cant fit quicker than a kwik fit fitter on 29 Mar 2018 at 13:54 PM
Not many new town centres use an industrial estate as a design concept, but I think they may just have pulled it off! Grimly grim.
#7 Posted by Ken on 29 Mar 2018 at 14:58 PM
Scottish architecture is completely dominated by a handful of dross commercial practices punting out this dross continuously, in all sectors. It’s extremely depressing.
No innovation, no finesse, no style, no interest, nowt.
What a miserable little country this is. There has been bugger all presented on this website to prove my scepticism wrong.
ANC/ RiAS should prioritise resuscitating the professions design skill levels rather that naval gazing about who said what.
Perhaps a new proposal for striking off those who clearly don’t make the effort or bring the profession into disrepute by being utterly crap. The authors of this shizzle could be the test candidates perhaps.

Neil C
#8 Posted by Neil C on 29 Mar 2018 at 15:26 PM
This could be Ravenscraig or anywhere - Liverpool or Rome...
#9 Posted by Craig on 30 Mar 2018 at 10:18 AM
The hover-car in image 02 has rocked my world.
Ian Malcolm
#10 Posted by Ian Malcolm on 30 Mar 2018 at 15:34 PM
Have to say, i can’t get any sense of “masterplan” proposals from these two images...surely not the most relevant submission content, and if they are then jeez oh!

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