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£25m Ayr secondary to break ground within weeks

November 22 2017

£25m Ayr secondary to break ground within weeks
South Ayrshire Council is progressing plans to build a £25m Queen Margaret Academy within the grounds of the existing school in Ayr, offering space for up to 800 pupils.

Kier Construction and BDP are expected to move on-site within a matter of weeks to deliver the expanded facility; which will include games hall, two gyms, an IT suite and all-weather sports pitches in addition to a centres for psychological services and supported learning.

Councillor Peter Henderson commented: “By investing in this significant new building we’re creating a base to transform the way young people are taught, with the new school a more flexible space in which to deliver lessons.
“The building and facilities will also be available for community use, which will help make the project an important local hub.”

The new Academy is expected to open its doors in October 2019 whereupon the existing school will be demolished.


#1 Posted by Pleasantfield on 23 Nov 2017 at 14:15 PM
Well more stereotyping: an unsurprisingly green colour on the elevations. We need to get away from this sort of thing. Dull uninspired design .
#2 Posted by MV on 24 Nov 2017 at 13:04 PM
Not just stereotyping, with religious adornments above the front door - it surely promotes exclusivity, rather than inclusivity. Religion and schools should be separated. This is surely the opposite of what the education system is trying to teach children, about being rounded, inclusive and equal members of society.

The West of Scotland is the worst for it too....
#3 Posted by Woodstock on 28 Nov 2017 at 07:42 AM
But a lovely royal blue would have heralded financial mismanagement on a grand scale, likely liquidation and mid table school mediocrity. The green is just fine chaps.

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