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Revised Ravenscraig masterplan on the way as original vision stalls

October 25 2017

Revised Ravenscraig masterplan on the way as original vision stalls
Scottish Enterprise, Wilson Bowden Developments and Tata Steel have gone back to the drawing board with a revised masterplan for the former Ravenscraig steelworks, after an earlier 2006 masterplan stalled in the midst of the financial downturn.

A new planning application prepared by Muir Smoth Evans will be filed with North Lanarkshire Council in February and is expected to call for the construction of 550 homes through to 2021 and construction of a new primary school in around five years’ time.

17 acres of land will be reserved for greenspace and parks and a business district is proposed for the town centre with a new convenience store also planned to serve residents together with other local shops.

Nick Davies, director of Ravenscraig Ltd, said: “The revised masterplan reflects the needs of the growing community, with a focus on high quality housing, a range of community and commercial facilities and substantial green space all of which will combine to deliver an enhanced quality of life for the local community.”

Three consecutive drop-in sessions are to be held from 21-23 November in advance of the planning application at which members of the public will be able to have their say. The first of these will be held within Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility between 14:30 and 20:00, moving on to the John McCormack Community Centre in Carfin between 15:00 and 19:00 before concluding at the Jim Fowley Community Centre in Wishaw between 15:00 and 19:00.

Before work ground to a halt 450 homes were completed on the brownfield site, as well as New College Lanarkshire, a regional sports facility, pub and hotel.


#1 Posted by Roddy_ on 25 Oct 2017 at 22:53 PM
The original masterplan is a disaster of truly epic proportions. Of note is the almost total severance within the ‘masterplan’ created by the commercial/shopping centre in a sea of surface parking and car-dominated roads and access. Mono – cultural, zoned spatial configuration and new neighbourhood pockets that have very poor connectivity to the whole.
In many respects, worse than the worst excesses of Modernist peripheral estate planning. New Urbanism this certainly ain’t.
Be interesting to see if the revised design is less of a disaster, it couldn’t be much more of one based on the former.
Neil C
#2 Posted by Neil C on 26 Oct 2017 at 11:57 AM
It's been 21 years since Ravenscraig was demolished, and what do we have to show for it? Some nice smooth roads, a college, a sports complex and a few hundred houses, plus hundreds of acres of brownfield wasteland. And this scaled-down fun-size version of the original scheme smacks of time-wasting rather than a genuine commitment to "reflect the needs of the growing community". As if it's either (a) growing, or (b) a proper community.
#3 Posted by lm on 27 Oct 2017 at 17:05 PM
A Shopping Centre in the heart of a Urban Development ????!!!! Disaster of a project.. looks like the inside of a new baby born nappy
#4 Posted by Sven on 28 Oct 2017 at 19:55 PM
Very Sim City: Industrial area here, Residential there and Commercial here. In between you can drop in a School, College, Police and Fire Stations.

I would like to see the hill used for housing. Not mass produced low end tripe that they have and plan for the area already, but something more original. I see a circus of large flats (3-5 bedrooms)/town houses with a grassed common in the middle: with the right architecture North Lanarkshire could have something interesting.

Right now they are building Cumbernauld part deux.

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