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Edinburgh flaunts Meadowbank Stadium refresh

September 14 2017

Edinburgh flaunts Meadowbank Stadium refresh
City of Edinburgh Council has revealed its finalised plans for the redevelopment of Meadowbank Stadium, an ambitious rebuild which will see the sports venue put out of action from December until Easter 2020.

Work is scheduled to begin on the Holmes Miller build by the start of next year following submission of a full planning application, which is expected to be filed ‘soon’.

Councillor Ian Campbell, vice convener of culture and communities, said: “This is the end of an era for Meadowbank and the start of a major redevelopment to support physical activity, health and wellbeing in Edinburgh for generations to come. The facility will support both the local community and clubs and it is important we get the design right. That is why the facility mix has been revisited, and now incorporates improved indoor athletics facilities in line with feedback from individual users and sports clubs within the budget we have available.”

A range of new facilities are to be offered by the revitalized arena including an outdoor athletics track with spectator stand, games halls, fitness studios, an indoor athletics track, twin 3G football pitches, a café and meeting rooms.

The development will be partially financed through the sale of surplus land for housing, including affordable properties.
Facilities include a 6-lane indoor athletics track and jumps space
Facilities include a 6-lane indoor athletics track and jumps space
The current Meadowbank Stadium closes its doors on 3 December
The current Meadowbank Stadium closes its doors on 3 December


Simon Innes
#1 Posted by Simon Innes on 15 Sep 2017 at 14:57 PM
What is being missed here is the loss of the Velodrome to make way for the housing! It is a disgrace that Edinburgh will lose this facility and the report forgets to mention this. Chris Hoy, Calum Skinner etc. learned their craft on this facility. It is shameful that CEC are allowing this to happen.
R Lort
#2 Posted by R Lort on 15 Sep 2017 at 16:20 PM
Interesting that an operational veledrome and five a side football development (the pitts at Portobello) are referred to as "Surplus Land" and that losing them will somehow "support physical activity, health and wellbeing in Edinburgh"
#3 Posted by Philip on 16 Sep 2017 at 16:11 PM
Surely the dead end Velodrome site, tightly sandwiched between two railway tracks, is a dreadful housing site.
Are there any layouts to accompany the 'finalised plans'?....Surely the sports facilities are being locate in the disconnected wedge bit and the housing towards the existing adjacent residential areas to the west?..
#4 Posted by Radge on 18 Sep 2017 at 13:14 PM
Philip, I believe the existing running track and pitch are to remain which means the housing cannot occupy the Western area of the site.

Where is the Velodrome to be relocated in Edinburgh, however?

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