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Queensferry Crossing officially unveiled

September 4 2017

Queensferry Crossing officially unveiled
The Queensferry Crossing connecting Edinburgh to Fife has been officially unveiled by the Queen, 53 years to the day since the monarch cut the ribbon to the Forth Crossing.


Leading a procession of the first vehicles to cross the new span the Queen will then unveil a commemorative plaque before making a short speech paying tribute to the £1.35bn crossing.

The bridge will remain closed to general traffic until Thursday but before that local schoolchildren and community volunteers will be given the opportunity to make the crossing on foot tomorrow.

Economy secretary Keith Brown said: “With the opening of the Queensferry Crossing, we are seeing the culmination of the biggest infrastructure project that Scotland has seen for a generation."

When fully operational the new bridge will shoulder much of the traffic currently using the old Forth Road Crossing, which will be placed in semi-retirement for the exclusive use of cyclists, pedestrians and buses.

Image by VanDesign


william wallace
#1 Posted by william wallace on 4 Sep 2017 at 13:31 PM
What a fantastic magnificent beautiful symbol for what will hopefully be a new Scotland in years to come (post the brexit debacle).
- we can but live in hope.
#2 Posted by Billy on 5 Sep 2017 at 11:12 AM
The East triumphs again. Forth rail bridge and now Queensferry Crossing . Glasgow stuck with The Kingston and soon to be new bridge at Yoker. Living in hope that the Yoker bridge is given a more interesting design and that the Kingston is coming to the end of its projected life. The thought of this carbuncle taking centre stage in our city for another 50 years fills me with despair.

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