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Borders Schools open their doors at the double

August 24 2017

Borders Schools open their doors at the double
Scottish Borders Council has taken possession of two new primary schools in the latest wave of completions in its schools estate programme.

Langlee Primary has been built at a cost of £10m and offers 14 classrooms, a sports hall, outdoor sports pitch and special needs centre, allowing the old 1958 structure to be demolished.

Designed by Stallan Brand and McLaughlin & Harvey the Galashiels school sits behind a distinctive metallic façade.

In Duns meanwhile £8.6m of funding has allowed the towns primary school to relocate to a former High School, delivered in partnership with Hub South East Scotland, Graham Construction and Aitken Turnbull.

The B-listed school sites across the road from a brand new Duns High School.

Executive member for children and young people, councillor Carol Hamilton said: “We now look forward to Kelso High and Broomlands Primary opening their doors, while we continue to progress plans for a new intergenerational campus in Jedburgh.”
Duns Primary opened its doors for the first time on 16 August
Duns Primary opened its doors for the first time on 16 August
Langlees draws inspiration from historic fortifications in the Borders area
Langlees draws inspiration from historic fortifications in the Borders area


Not one of the Luvvies
#1 Posted by Not one of the Luvvies on 25 Aug 2017 at 13:00 PM
Honestly nobody has a comment about this??? "D to the R" had such high hopes for this back at its inception....UR should include links to all the previous articles about this school.
#2 Posted by StyleCouncil on 25 Aug 2017 at 14:33 PM
Its a total stinker. It looks like a dreadful office or lab building from the 80's. Horrific black curtain walling, wrinkly jobby brown cladding and b'all landscaping....incredible for a school in 2017.
Come on
#3 Posted by Come on on 25 Aug 2017 at 15:09 PM
Might be worth pointing out these are two separate buildings.
Any more photos UR? If the schools are finished surely there's better photos than a sign beside some window?
#4 Posted by Inahuf on 26 Aug 2017 at 14:05 PM
Have to say the Dunns one looks just like the school I went to in the 70's that not that long ago been pulled down... AT- where's the joy, hope and welcome? Couldn't appear a more foreboding institution, behind a wall up a hill a long monotonous bank of same-old same-old. Ideal to prepare young minds for a life in a call centre.
Hoping the Stallan Brand one is better than the photos suggest - certainly had promise at sketch design phase..
#5 Posted by Inahuf on 26 Aug 2017 at 14:13 PM
What happened? This‘Castellated’_school_to_fortify_Galashiels.html was a totally different prospect.
Tell me Broomlands primary hasn't gone the same way.....
Borders Council looked on track for public client of the year, but it looks like they let someone (the hubCo?) mangle the good work.
#6 Posted by M on 29 Aug 2017 at 22:15 PM
The new Duns PS is the refurbished Grade B listed building which was formerly the old Berwickshire High School.

The external photograph of the new Langlee PS is of the rear elevation and not the front more public elevation which has the corten cladding. The reason there is no landscaping to speak of as yet is because it was a tandem build. The original school has yet to be demolished and the site cleared creating the new external landscapes areas.

Broomlands PS remains under construction and will not complete until later this year.

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