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Elder & Cannon extend Tollcross housing renewal

August 7 2017

Elder & Cannon extend Tollcross housing renewal
Tollcross Housing Association, in partnership with Elder & Cannon, are taking forward plans to build a second wave of housing on Tollcross Road following the start of work to build the organisations new headquarters and phase one homes.

Taking nearby tenements for its cue the 24 flats will take the form of a series of blocks designed to reinstate the building line, extrapolating the materiality and proportions of earlier phase one housing.

Elder & Cannon wrote: “The elevational approach to the new residential blocks of both Phase 1 and now Phase 2, essentially reference the traditional tenement with an emphasis on the quality of materials, proportion and depth within the facade.

“A regular pattern of appropriately scaled windows will define the main street elevations punctuated by larger and deeper openings defining entrances and ground floor sun terraces. Importantly this pattern will break at significant points such as corners, terminations and at areas of greater civic significance such as the small square adjacent to the office and the set backed corner of Dunira St/Braidfauld St.”

The site, formerly occupied by inter-war tenements, has views across Tollcross Park.
High quality public realm will knit the development into surrounding streets
High quality public realm will knit the development into surrounding streets
The work will complete a triangular island site
The work will complete a triangular island site


#1 Posted by Rationalist on 8 Aug 2017 at 15:17 PM
Keep it coming E&C!
Glen Ferguson
#2 Posted by Glen Ferguson on 11 Aug 2017 at 18:41 PM
Honestly think there must be a copy and paste option when it comes to building new houses. If i've saw that design once i've saw it a million times in other areas of the city. we need fresh new ideas and designs that stand out from the crowd and look different. this frankly is a carbon copy
Small Chantelle
#3 Posted by Small Chantelle on 19 Aug 2017 at 15:42 PM
Do New Gorbals Housing Association not have copyright on this design? Do Elder & Cannon just have one designer churning out the exact same thing everywhere?
Dave Elf
#4 Posted by Dave Elf on 1 Oct 2018 at 15:51 PM
If it's not broke, dont fix it. Looks great, keep it coming.

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