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Perth Porsche proposal progresses

May 24 2017

Perth Porsche proposal progresses
Yeoman McAllister Architects are in the driving seat for a new Porsche Centre to be built at Broxden Business park, Perth, on behalf of Peter Vardy.

Situated off the busy A9 the £3.5m scheme will deliver 1,600sq/m of retail space in a contemporary dealership.

In a statement the architects wrote: “The building has been designed to allow for varied heights within the elevation. This allows the impact of the building to be reduced by stepping the heights rather than presenting a single flat elevation. When viewed from the A9 the massing of the building is reduced due to this level change.

“The use of materials and signage combine to create a unique building form and design to reflect the Porsche brand.”

Faced in silver rainscreen cladding the showroom will be Porsche’s fourth in Scotland.


#1 Posted by Beetlejuice on 24 May 2017 at 14:47 PM
I can't think of a more inappropriate site, surely there's space down at the Motor Mile, ie the Triangle?
Don't get me wrong, mixed use commercial developments can offer a lot of diversity to an area, but at this location we will have; banking firms, offices, a dental centre, a proposed pub/restaurant and a high end car dealership?!?!? Hodge podge comes to mind. Are there any similar examples of this mix of uses in Scotland? If so, how successful do these work?

Also the offices that are currently open have a large overflow of car parking onto the main road - should this not be addressed beforehand?
#2 Posted by Vizcritic on 24 May 2017 at 20:14 PM
"When viewed from the, the"
Is this a magical place where Porche's only colour available is lime green, trees float in the air, cars have opaque grey glass and nothing casts a shadow?

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