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16th century Edinburgh brought to life in digital reconstruction

March 17 2017

16th century Edinburgh brought to life in digital reconstruction
Researchers at the University of St Andrews have built a digital recreation of 16th century Edinburgh to help enhance understanding of the city’s early history.

Based on the earliest accurate depiction of the city, a birds-eye plan drawn in 1544 by English military engineer Richard Lee prior to the city being sacked and burned by invading soldiers, the tool offers historians a useful interpretation of how the ancient capital might have once looked.

Devised by university offshoot Smart History the 3D virtual model combines archeological evidence and contemporary written accounts as well as present day geography to create as accurate a picture as is possible.

Historian Dr Bess Rhodes, remarked: “For the first time visitors and residents can compare the city they know with the capital of James V and Mary Queen of Scots. It has been amazing seeing the recreation of a lost townscape. I hope this project makes the public more aware of the layers in the capital’s history, and furthers understanding of the complex way in which Edinburgh evolved.”

The digital reconstruction will be made available as a mobile app, 3d virtual experience and website from 1 May.
A view across the Netherbow
A view across the Netherbow
The reconstruction centres on the Royal Mile
The reconstruction centres on the Royal Mile


#1 Posted by Matt on 17 Mar 2017 at 14:22 PM
Just wait 'till the Cockburn Ass' get hold of this....
#2 Posted by Neil on 20 Mar 2017 at 10:19 AM
We should protest the 250th anniversary of the New Town destroying the setting of this world heritage city!
#3 Posted by Cateran on 20 Mar 2017 at 22:06 PM
How did they get away with such 'Disneyfied pastiche'?

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