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Peel unveil £5bn Liverpool Waters blueprint

March 15 2017

Peel unveil £5bn Liverpool Waters blueprint
The Peel Group have travelled to MIPIM, Cannes, to unveil a £5bn masterplan for Liverpool’s Central Docks inviting investor interest in eight key plots on 150 acres of former docklands.

In total Liverpool Waters would deliver 2,000,000sq/ft of mixed use floorspace and over 1,000 apartments in buildings stretching up to 44 storeys in height – propelling efforts to re-establish Liverpool as a global city.

Lindsey Ashworth, director of development of Liverpool Waters, said: “Our ambition has always been to create a waterfront for the world, a sustainable environment with stunning views where people and businesses can flourish together. Unveiling this southern part of the Central Docks neighbourhood marks the next chapter in the Liverpool Waters story and brings us one step closer to re-establishing Liverpool’s waterfront as a gateway to the world.”

A 17 acre public park would sit at the projects, heart offering views of the River Mersey and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Peel are currently pushing ahead with a £200m masterplan at Glasgow Harbour.
 £300 million of construction work is expected to start on-site before the year is out
£300 million of construction work is expected to start on-site before the year is out
The Liverpool Waters masterplan was first announced a decade ago
The Liverpool Waters masterplan was first announced a decade ago


Paul Sweeney
#1 Posted by Paul Sweeney on 15 Mar 2017 at 11:55 AM
Looks very ambitious. It's just very disappointing that after all the promised investment in as new container terminal at Hunterston and urban regeneration at Glasgow Harbour they have utterly failed to deliver it over the last decade.

It seems Peel's primary focus has been channelling capital investment into Merseyside and Manchester at the expense of their Clydeport and Glasgow assets.

I would suggest the Scottish Government should examine the competitive position of this company in the West of Scotland and whether a break up or community acquisition of its property holdings in Scotland would be in the public interest if they continue to fail to adequately invest in what were originally public assets developed by the Clyde Port Authority.
#2 Posted by Prime on 15 Mar 2017 at 14:25 PM
Sounds like a sure fire plan to encourage inward investment in Scotland.
Graeme McCormick
#3 Posted by Graeme McCormick on 15 Mar 2017 at 18:30 PM
Peel are stifling the development of the Lower Clyde by preventing Jim McColl's acquisition of the Dry dock so he can build the big merchant ships. Peel's interest in Cammell Laird on Merseyside is behind their lack of commitment to the revival of merchant shipbuilding on the Clyde
#4 Posted by Billy on 15 Mar 2017 at 20:43 PM
Glasgow short changed again. The Glasgow proposals are too low and bland. Liverpool proposals more exciting. Still don't get it! Liverpool was on its knees for a decade or two but now seems to be outdoing Glasgow when it comes to exciting projects. City council needs to man up and say NO to the inferior projects that are put its way. Is it that hard to say 'not good enough, go away and come back with something better' ? Our skyline is lagging behind its competitors.
#5 Posted by Charlie_ on 16 Mar 2017 at 09:25 AM
The key word here seems to be 'inviting' investor interest. One to check back in on in 20 years.

Is urban realm branching out to cover England now, btw?
#6 Posted by urbanrealm on 16 Mar 2017 at 11:56 AM
It's not a focus but so long as there is some relevance then we'll cover the northern cities.
#7 Posted by Anon on 16 Mar 2017 at 15:02 PM
Possibly the uncertainty north of the border caused by Indyref2 could be partly to blame for firms concentrating more time on projects in the north of England just now. The likes of Liverpool / Manchester potentially more appealing to investors/ lower risk.
#8 Posted by Teacher on 16 Mar 2017 at 20:58 PM
not "Possibly" about it

#9 Posted by Charlie_ on 17 Mar 2017 at 10:50 AM
The ongoing strength of Edinburgh undermines that theory a bit.
#10 Posted by Teacher on 17 Mar 2017 at 11:40 AM
"ongoing strength of Edinburgh "

you are being sarcastic, right ?

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