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Elder & Cannon head Dunbeg corridor masterplan

January 19 2017

Elder & Cannon head Dunbeg corridor masterplan
The communities of Dunbeg and Ganavan could be merged to form one continuous urban area following submission of proposals by Link Group and Elder & Cannon Architects to build 600 conjoining homes.

A 15-year masterplan for the ‘development corridor’ has gone before Argyll and Bute Council, made possible by a new roundabout at the A85, with the introduction of new shops, cafes and community areas.

Whilst designs remain at an early stage Elder & Cannon state that they are guided by a desire to foster a sense of ‘arrival’ and will work to deliver ‘legible central spaces’ and ‘courtyard clusters’.

Outlining their approach the architects said: “The study of historic and contemporary precedents has informed the architectural approach to settlements which are strongly influenced northern European examples but also indigenous building types and groupings from steadings to streets and small squares.”

Link has already finished 75 affordable homes on the coastal site.
Homes will merge into a coastal woodland landscape
Homes will merge into a coastal woodland landscape
Hosuing will be arranged around a series of courtyards
Hosuing will be arranged around a series of courtyards


Islands of sanity
#1 Posted by Islands of sanity on 19 Jan 2017 at 17:27 PM
Good to see a reputable architectural practice being used for Masterplanning ( and hopefully detailed design) in a rural area. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
#2 Posted by Egbert on 20 Jan 2017 at 11:26 AM
UR - from the documents available it looks like the proposal is for development between Dunbeg and Ganavan, not Oban itself (which would be vast). That said, agree with #1 - great to see a practice of E&C's calibre leading this, and the initial proposals look beautiful and well-considered. Here's hoping they're allowed to run the course.
Trevor Carpenter
#3 Posted by Trevor Carpenter on 15 Oct 2019 at 13:43 PM
May be worth following up this story with a comparison between what the proposal looks like versus what is actually being built. Went for a lovely walk in the area, something we won't be able to do soon. Even if they were building attractive high quality energy efficient homes, which they are not, there are no schools. Let's not bother mentioning the lack of employment opportunities in A&B on which to base a community of 600 additional house holds. As we have enough retirees and no one from the area could afford to buy the non-social housing, my best hope is that the 'luxury' part of the development is brought as second homes and holiday let's.

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