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Small sites initiative roll out continues with Royston homes

January 10 2017

Small sites initiative roll out continues with Royston homes
Barton Willmore, acting on behalf of Robertson Partnership Homes and City of Edinburgh Council 21st Century Homes, have drawn up plans for up to 46 flats on a brownfield site at Royston, Edinburgh.

Part of a wider programme to deliver 40,000 affordable and mid-market homes across the city over the coming decade the scheme will take the form of a three storey flatted block with generous communal gardens fronting a new street connecting Royston Mains Avenue with Boswell Parkway.

This will step down to two storeys in height toward the south-east corner of the plot in deference to an existing single storey property.
In their design statement Barton Willmore observed: “At prominent corners of the urban block, corners terminate in gable features in order to create visual interest and character at gateway points. 

“Additionally, the long elevation to the west is visually broken up by protruding gables, helping to minimise the visual length of the block.  These gable corners and feature gables are a prominent repeating feature in the area as well as in the church to the east, so we have utilised this language to help knit the proposals into the neighbourhood character.”

The finished scheme will be composed of white render and facing brick.

1 Comment

#1 Posted by james on 10 Jan 2017 at 14:03 PM
Barton Willmore have form on this approach - See September 16 2015, Pennywell Development and many many others.

I do think the wider criticism is worth making again -

The phrases, 'Eine Industrie inden man lebt' (A factory for living in) and 'Eine Haus des Volkes' come to mind. I'll swear I've heard this bollocks before somewhere, sometime?

When you can't be arsed designing, resort to historical type - the more authoritarian, the more shiny and convincing it looks. The trouble is of course....human beings (disgusting things that they are) will have to live here and spoil it all. What a shame.

There. Genuine comment/opinion over. It would be nice to get a comment from Barton Willmore on their chosen housing forms/iconology.

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