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Latest Edinburgh student housing plan brought forward

September 23 2016

Latest Edinburgh student housing plan brought forward
Plans to build yet another student residence in Edinburgh have surfaced with McLean Architects pushing ahead with a seven storey scheme at Haymarket Yards on behalf of Scape Homes and CGM holdings.

Finished with facing brick cladding and slate oak coloured panels the block will consist of 104 studio apartments together with its own gym, cinema, laundry and common rooms.   

Writing in their design statement the architects observed: “The building mass is split into two sections – four storey low rise and a seven storey high rise section. The high rise section is positioned in line with the vista between Elgin House and Interpoint Building and the low rise is positioned to the South West in response to the low rise residential accommodation on Devon Place.

“The building plan is generated from a linear circulation spine running East to South West across the site. Communal areas and private studio apartments are located off this central core. The building hugs the Southern site boundary and kinks towards the South West corner.”

The new building will be set within private landscaped grounds with planting and seating providing a place for socialising.


Graeme McCormick
#1 Posted by Graeme McCormick on 23 Sep 2016 at 13:16 PM
all the signs of being brutal cheap and nasty. How could that possibly lift your spirit it as you walk past?
#2 Posted by Philip on 23 Sep 2016 at 13:54 PM
i am embarrassed for them...
#3 Posted by zoltan on 23 Sep 2016 at 15:31 PM
this whole borrowing amenity from someone else's land is one thing in terms of privacy and daylighting, but how do they deal with fire spread to boundary and what's stopping the office next door being redeveloped in the future with a dirty great blank gable right up against all those windows?? opportunistic, unsophisticated and not a good precedent for developing our cities forgotten sites I would say..
#4 Posted by basho on 23 Sep 2016 at 15:50 PM
It's refreshing to see architects obviously so inspired by grim 1950s Soviet Union design.
Kevan Shaw
#5 Posted by Kevan Shaw on 30 Sep 2016 at 11:54 AM
Surely there must now be more specific student residences than students. I see that some of the units are now being sold rather than rented. How does that work and how do you ensure the units are occupied by students? It seems part of the desire to build student residences is they do not need to comply with normal housing requirements. Are these being built as slums?

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