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Prospect North exhibition to headline Scotland + Venice

March 11 2016

Prospect North exhibition to headline Scotland + Venice
An ‘immersive exhibition’ created by Lateral North, Dualchas Architects and Soluis is to headline Scotland’s contribution to this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale.

Prospect North will explore the relationship between the places, culture, people and economy of Scotland with its northern neighbours through the display of interactive maps, narratives, portraits and images from the region.

Graham Hogg and Tom Smith of Lateral North said:”..  we are not only going to show the visitors to this year's Scottish pavilion what Scotland is about, but we are going to take them to Scotland through immersive, dynamic and innovative technologies - technologies which are going to be at the forefront of architectural practice over the coming years.”

Dualchas director, Alasdair Stephen added: “Dualchas and Lateral North believe that Scottish architecture and art is comparable with our contemporaries in Europe.  We want to take the opportunity of the Venice Biennale to demonstrate this to the wider world.”

Prospect North will run from 26 May to 25 June at Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice in Venice before commencing a nationwide tour of Scotland.


#1 Posted by Jon on 11 Mar 2016 at 16:45 PM
Great news, fantastic to see Scotland with its own dedicated pavilion again. Knowing the Graham and Tom and the work done through Lateral North, this is sure to be a very interesting and topical exhibit, exploring ideas that are very pertinent to the overall theme of grassroots, community driven projects for this years Biennale.
#2 Posted by Pete on 24 Mar 2016 at 10:53 AM
Where exactly is this? Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice brings up nothing on Google.
By the way, I'm not convinced Scotland does have architecture comparable to the best in Europe. Certainly not that's being created right now. Try asking a European to name a Scottish practice.
Art Vandelay
#3 Posted by Art Vandelay on 25 Mar 2016 at 11:07 AM
Aye, so let's just all chuck it and not bother then, eh?

Good plan Pete!
#4 Posted by Pete on 25 Mar 2016 at 17:00 PM
@Art Vandelay
I didn't outline a plan did I? I was just commenting on Alasdair Stephen's implied point that Scotland has architects that compare well with the best in Europe. You can mock anyone whose opinion you disagree with; what sort of plan is that? I was thinking that the first step in solving a problem might be to realise there is one, but maybe you don't think there is a problem?
#5 Posted by David on 25 Mar 2016 at 20:58 PM
Would disagree - Scotland might have a small pool of architectural talent (when compared to our European neighbors) but nonetheless it is talented and respected. Off the top of my head, Reiach & Hall, who produce projects of varying scales but of consistent quality on par with London contemporaries; Sutherland Hussey (also their work abroad); NORD (former Scotland-based, granted); Hoskins; LDN. And on the domestic scale, Rural Design and Dualchas, both in remote locations nontheless produce interesting and location-inspired buildings, along with Cameron Webster.

Granted, they may not compare with the craftmanship of the likes of Siza, or the ambitions of BIG, but you also have to factor on the values of commissioning agents. There is not the culture in Scotland of valuing quality and innovative design that other European countries have, and argue all you want this does have an effect on, or indeed limits, the type of architecture that is produced.

Also, note that Alasdair Stephen says architecture AND art - there have been 4 Turner prize winners from GSoA in the past 10 years.

FYI Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice is located in the Castello district, there are plenty of articles on google about previous exhibitions.
#6 Posted by Pete on 26 Mar 2016 at 21:03 PM
You're right of course, there is some high quality but none of those practices have really made a mark outside Scotland or compare well against the very best. Nord as you say were on their way there but have since imploded.
I just feel that rather than banging our own drum we should be looking to improve. There's no doubt at all that Scotland compares well on art, but you could only argue that we compare well on architecture, and not very compellingly in my view. But if nobody agrees then there's no way to improve other than wait for someone better to come along, or for those you mention to get a great opportunity and pull it off.

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