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RGU students re-imagine Aberdeenshire granite quarry

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February 3 2016

RGU students re-imagine Aberdeenshire granite quarry
A class of architecture technology students at Robert Gordon University have reimagined a disused granite quarry at Stirling Hill, Aberdeenshire, with the aim of integrating it into a country park.

Options appraised included creation of a Museum of Granite to provide teaching and learning facilities in addition to commercial opportunities; a Granite Centre to inform visitors about the industrial heritage of the area; an outdoor activity centre and micro-brewery.

Course leader Jonathan Scott commented: “The stone from Stirling Hill Quarry has been used to construct famous buildings around the world, while the area surrounding the quarry has been regenerated to include a country park area.

“I thought it would be interesting to see the students develop further ideas for the site which would open up the area to the wider community.

“We asked the students to ensure they put environmental factors at the heart of their designs, as well as using high quality and appropriate materials.”

Amongst those taking part was Steven Houston who opted to pursue the museum route (pictured), including office space and a seminar room.
Final year student Jake Loveday also plumped for the museum route
Final year student Jake Loveday also plumped for the museum route
The unique site posed particular challenges for the students
The unique site posed particular challenges for the students


#1 Posted by Jimbo on 4 Feb 2016 at 23:49 PM
Is this news? Really.
#2 Posted by Cadmonkey on 5 Feb 2016 at 08:52 AM
I think it is bating architects, trying to see if someone will ask "What has this got to do with architectural technology?" "Why are they spending time, and tax payers money, on this kind of thing..where are the construction details?"...etc
Bill S
#3 Posted by Bill S on 5 Feb 2016 at 09:42 AM
The first two images are great visuals. Are there any plans / drawings to help understand the scheme to review it critically? Or perhaps we should descend into colloquial dialect complaining aboot aw that concrete?
G. Hogg
#4 Posted by G. Hogg on 5 Feb 2016 at 13:10 PM
Great to see an article that highlights the design side of an Architectural Technology Honours Degree so that other professionals can understand that they are not just trained to be cad technicians but designers.
#5 Posted by JS on 5 Feb 2016 at 13:18 PM
Bill S - The nice stuff is always used for print, the students technical drawings are a work in progress this coming semester. As Architectural Technology students, they will develop a full technical understanding of structure and skin in due course.
#6 Posted by pleasantfield on 8 Feb 2016 at 13:08 PM
Now we better understand why we get the architctecture we now get. Hmmm!!! Is there any hope for our built environment

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