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CALA Homes to build 101 flats on Glasgow’s Mansionhouse Road

December 10 2015

CALA Homes to build 101 flats on Glasgow’s Mansionhouse Road
CALA Homes have submitted plans for 101 homes arranged over three blocks of up to five storeys at Mansionhouse Road, Glasgow.

Penned by Macmon the project seeks to adopt a traditional ‘tenemental’ form with a setback façade of facing brick fronting a landscaped amenity space and existing stone retaining wall. A setback upper floor will be finished in fibre cement rainscreen panels.

In their design statement the architects said: “The architectural design is conceived to promote ‘active’ facades, modelled with common entrances, balcony features and fenestration strongly defined. The grouping and rhythm of these features respect the bays and fenestration patterns on adjoining tenements.

“Innermost elevations are, in comparison, more ‘passive but assist a homogenous aesthetic for the development through continuity of fenestration patterns and material selections.”

Common entrances will lead out onto a public footpath with DWA landscape architects coordinating the open space strategy.


Neil C
#1 Posted by Neil C on 10 Dec 2015 at 16:15 PM
As a former resident of this street, it'll be sad to see those lovely trees go. Let's just hope CALA deliver something more in keeping with these lovely surroundings than their utterly unsuccessful shoebox development along the road.
M Stewart
#2 Posted by M Stewart on 11 Dec 2015 at 10:35 AM
The development looks great and will be a good edition to the area. Massive improvement to the existing building. It looks like a modern take on the traditional tenements. Well done CALA!
#3 Posted by David on 14 Dec 2015 at 17:50 PM
Good addition to the area, in terms of elevation they seem to be a good response to the context and a decent enough density for the area. However it is crucial that the materiality is of the highest quality, especially the stone facades and top floor which look as though it is glass and metal cladding? Also good to see large balconies and terraces.
C Graham
#4 Posted by C Graham on 22 Dec 2015 at 20:50 PM
Looks pretty awful! Any people previously commenting actually visited this beautiful street recently? It's called Mansionhouse for a reason
#5 Posted by Euan on 6 Jan 2016 at 16:55 PM
Can anyone remember what page of the 101 Things I Learned I Architecture School it said not to step back a street facade.

Those front "gardens" will never be used and just detract from what could have at least made it feel contiguous in the street.

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