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Shawlands Square design proposals to go on show

November 13 2015

Shawlands Square design proposals to go on show
Glasgow City Council is to unveil its design proposals for a new civic square in front of Langside Hall, centrepiece of its £3.3m Shawlands Town Centre Action Plan.

Shawlands Square will sit at the heart of a proposed new south side cultural quarter, playing host to a variety of markets and events in the vicinity of The Shed nightclub and Glad Café.

As part of that process a host of public realm enhancements are set to be rolled out across the area early next year; including improved paving to the south of Shawlands Arcade, new crossing points at the Granary, an upgraded Shawlands Cross, shop front improvements and a new taxi rank on Kilmarnock Road.

Councillor Archie Graham, chair of the Shawlands town centre steering group, said: “While a great deal has already been achieved to develop Shawlands as a shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural destination over the past few years, the creation of a new civic square could take the area to the next level. I look forward to discovering the views of people who come along to see the proposals.”

The plans will be available to view at Langside Hall between 10:00 and 18:00 on 21 November.


Shawlands type
#1 Posted by Shawlands type on 15 Nov 2015 at 17:25 PM
David Dunlop and his colleagues in the Planning Dept have really impressed me in their commitment to this process, which I've kept an eye on for a couple of years now. They seem very genuine and engaged and deserve real credit. Not often we can say that about planners!
It's a pity this process can't be moved a bit quicker though and I love how Archie Graham is trying to share the glory...
Hard to judge the proposals from this one image but I think it's Collective doing it and should be decent enough. Just get on with it!
#2 Posted by pleasantfield on 16 Nov 2015 at 13:21 PM
Yeah, agreed Shawlands Type, quicker would be good.I read the draft plan after seeing this. Its a fair effort but pretty wordy at 32 pages and using language like "sui generis" does'nt really add to people's understanding , David Dunlop.( take note plain English please)
It will be important to try to do good building flood lighting, led street lamps
( sustainability) and use local materials where possible and to coordinate some design guide on shop frontages.
Good luck
( former Minard Road resident)
marc mcconnell
#3 Posted by marc mcconnell on 16 Nov 2015 at 13:50 PM
This looks good but the 1960s Shawlands arcade must be demolished and redeveloped if the area is to be a thriving "south side cultural quarter"
Jane Briggs - Collective Architecture
#4 Posted by Jane Briggs - Collective Architecture on 17 Nov 2015 at 10:24 AM
Collective Architecture are delighted that proposals are progressing for an improved civic space after our previous feasibility study for Langside Hall in 2012. For clarity - these proposals have been developed by Glasgow City Council's in-house design team.
ronnie foster
#5 Posted by ronnie foster on 17 Nov 2015 at 18:44 PM
what is the point of having a fine building like the langside halls hidden behind trees the trees at the front have to go if people want trees the park is just behind the hall but shawlands is in dire need of cleaning up back lanes are ahealth hazard and a disgrace fly tipping seem to be like a full on pastime of the residents and the amount of pavement reduced in size by overgrown hedges is beyond a joke as for blocked gullys at the roadside it wont be long before the resident need a boat to travel down tantallon road
#6 Posted by Stephen on 18 Nov 2015 at 10:00 AM
@ Ronnie
The proposals (which you might like to read) involve the removal of most of the trees you mention. They'll be as non-existent as your punctuation.
As for litter, that was more or less the only thing any of the residents wanted to talk (actually spit and fume) about at the consultations I attended. Given the opportunity to shape proposals for the area with relevant comments, the loudest (most of them elderly it has to be said) residents took over the sessions and forced planners to respond time and again as to why school children these days were raised so badly as to not use bins. Planners have little or no power over Environmental Health. There are fly-tipping and litter issues in Shawlands (and buy-to-let landlords that don't tend their gardens) but these proposals have nothing to do with it and neither do the planners for the most part. Take your protest to Environmental Health and your Councillors. I'd be happy to support.
How do you feel about the actual proposals?
ronnie foster
#7 Posted by ronnie foster on 18 Nov 2015 at 18:08 PM
cheap and nasty shot about my punctuation Stephen ,as for the proposals they look quite promising .
ronnie foster
#8 Posted by ronnie foster on 23 Nov 2015 at 19:09 PM
sorry I could not make it to langside halls on Saturday due to health ,but a question will there be an area for cycles that the public can hire I know their is a place at the other end of the park for keen cyclists but nothing in shawlands maybe an area at the new civic square .

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