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Ninewells ‘leaf room’ secures planning consent

November 10 2015

Ninewells ‘leaf room’ secures planning consent
The Voigt Partnership has won planning consent for an eco-garden room at Ninewells Hospital Dundee following their success in a national design competition.

The leaf room is designed to provide a space for gardening, drawing together hospital users in a sociable space, which takes the form of a regular rectangular room oversailed by a leaf-shaped roof.

Architect Jonathan Reeve said: “The proposal is innovative and exciting; and will sit comfortably in the garden space it occupies, creating a strong connection between building and garden.

3871 Ninewells Garden Room 3D Animation Nov 2015 - The Voigt Partnership from Voigt Partnership Ltd on Vimeo.

“It is hoped that staff, patients and the general public will benefit this and be attracted the to the excellent existing community garden which is a real hidden gem at the hospital.”

Construction work should commence early in the New Year.


A Local Pleb
#1 Posted by A Local Pleb on 10 Nov 2015 at 13:23 PM
I like the look of this, interested to see how the detail develops...the roof looks wafer thin...will it be once built?
the sultan of brooneye
#2 Posted by the sultan of brooneye on 10 Nov 2015 at 16:48 PM
massive shudder...if design concepts these days pass for; "it's in a garden, the roof should look like a big leaf" then we should all pack up and go home.

This is a garden shed with an awful looking roof.
#3 Posted by dalrylama on 10 Nov 2015 at 16:53 PM
also whats the plan for DDA access when the folding doors are open? come in via the bog at the back?
A Bug's Life
#4 Posted by A Bug's Life on 10 Nov 2015 at 19:36 PM
Do not panic. Do not panic!
We are trained professionals.
Now, stay calm.
We are going around the leaf.
- A-Around the leaf? I don't think we can do that.
Oh, nonsense. This is nothing compared to the twig of'93.
- That's it. That's it. Good !
You're doing great !
There you go. There you go !
Oh! Shit! the doors are in the open position!

Also had to smile at the previous blurb with the following caption beneath the plan - 'A regular rectangular room has been specified for ease of construction.'
Which in turn begs the obvious question - and a folded and tilted elliptical roof form has been specified for ...?
... avoiding it looking like Arthur's Eastenders allotment shed mebbes?
#5 Posted by CC on 15 Nov 2015 at 10:20 AM
I'm seeing a lot of similarities to the David Douglas pavilion in Pitlochry...
#6 Posted by Clive on 25 Nov 2015 at 04:24 AM
It's all quiet in Dundee, obviously!
"Dundee Architect's Dinner: The Leaf Room project For the Best Project on the Drawing Board"

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