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Perth public realm improvements to create city centre ‘cultural quarter’

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October 28 2015

 Perth public realm improvements to create city centre ‘cultural quarter’
Perth & Kinross Council is proposing a series of public realm improvements around the Mill Street area of Perth; including selective demolition of two poor quality warehouses in the conservation area, to help carve out a new 'cultural quarter' around the Concert Hall and redeveloped Perth Theatre.

A phased programme of improvements will see enhancements made to Mill Street itself as well as Skinnergate and Guard Vennel with external improvements to Perth Theatre and Cutlog Vennel occurring later.

Designed to improve amenity and accessibility the work will also carve out a new event space for markets, eating and drinking and carve out a pedestrian link to the High Street via the existing Burt’s Close.

In a statement outlining the need for action the council said: “The existing Vennels (with the exception of Skinnergate) are unattractive. The surfaces are uneven, creating puddles, and the surface materials are not uniform. They are poorly lit and therefore their use is limited in evenings.”
 Work will see existing road and pedestrian routes replaced with a shared surface of natural stone and concrete with parking spaces rationalised
Work will see existing road and pedestrian routes replaced with a shared surface of natural stone and concrete with parking spaces rationalised
Improvements will be delivered in phases
Improvements will be delivered in phases


D to the R
#1 Posted by D to the R on 29 Oct 2015 at 13:46 PM
Oh dear .... the drabbest images to EVER hit the internet. Once again evidence that local authorities should be employing people who really know about the importance of good public space design and how to design it. No attempt to suggest that activity and vibrance at ground floor levels are the lifeblood of well functioning streets. It naive, it needs softening but it's all too familiar. Public Realm Improvement? Hmmm I don't think so ..... Money wasted ... again ...
Mr Magoo
#2 Posted by Mr Magoo on 29 Oct 2015 at 16:39 PM
What the f**k am I supposed to be looking at?
#3 Posted by freemy on 30 Oct 2015 at 09:06 AM
The decision to put white render over all the buildings, including roofs doors and windows is risky but I like it
#4 Posted by lol on 30 Oct 2015 at 11:59 AM
looks really good
#5 Posted by MrFatz on 31 Oct 2015 at 13:05 PM
I have to agree with Mr Magoo here which is ironic, given that I actually live in Perth and know well the areas being referred to.
From the visuals, I have absolutely no idea what/where they refer to, despite recognising the street names. That said, I think it's simply down to the awful visuals rather than the idea in and of itself.
It makes complete sense to upgrade these historic areas and make them fit more comfortably into their environment, hopefully with the use of sensibly chosen materials.
I look forward to updated visuals that have been produced on something other than a ZX Spectrum!
A Local Pleb
#6 Posted by A Local Pleb on 2 Nov 2015 at 14:02 PM
Context - whoever prepared these images obviously has no comprehension of this! The presentation kind of gives 2 fingers to everything else and in so doing kind of undermines any merits it may or may not have had.
If the P&K Planners have any bottle they should not approve this until the quality of the information improves! It's a Conservation Area...but you wouldn't have known from this?!?
#7 Posted by Basho on 2 Nov 2015 at 21:32 PM
This 'cultural quarter' looks like a dystopian nightmare dreamt up by the mind of Philip K Dick.
Who is the designer? Kim Jong-un?

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