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High rise student flats to tower over Partick

August 19 2015

High rise student flats to tower over Partick
Glasgow Harbour has submitted plans for yet more student flats in Partick with proposals to erect 407 student rooms; including conversion of the B-listed Scotway House, a former drawing office for engineering and shipbuilding firm D&W Henderson.

This latter element will be converted to form a bar and restaurant, acting as a ‘gateway’ feature to the wider regeneration of brownfield land fronting the river.

Designed by ADF Architects the scheme would incorporate a 13 storey tower and low-rise block to form an entrance courtyard and enclosed private terrace and courtyard garden.

In their design statement ADF noted: “The simple language of Scotway House as an industrial building in a rustic brick with stone detailing has been referenced in the new structure, with crisp concrete detailing picking up the quoins and cornices in a contemporary industrial aesthetic.

“The immediate mass of the buildings has been reduced by treating the top two storeys in a metal cladding – referencing a traditional roof storey, set back from the brick face. A grand order of vertical windows co-join the wall and roof elements creating scale and depth.

“The tower becoming the dominant feature on the site is treated differently – it takes concrete as it main material rather than brick, but sits on a plinth which allows it to float above the base material.”

Landscaping will be carried out by Gillespies with a view to presenting a coherent frontage to Castlebank Street and the Clydeside Expressway.
Engraved corten steel panels will be integrated into the paving
Engraved corten steel panels will be integrated into the paving
Two cafe and restaurant units will be incorporated at ground level
Two cafe and restaurant units will be incorporated at ground level


Edward McGurn
#1 Posted by Edward McGurn on 19 Aug 2015 at 10:45 AM
I like the use of Scotway House and the landscaping is a welcome addition to this area, however the tower is completely out of scale for where it is, I would urge Glasgow City Council to have them amend the plans without the tower, high rise buildings like this do nothing to improve the overall aesthetic of any city!
#2 Posted by David on 19 Aug 2015 at 11:16 AM
I'm stuck between agreeing and disagreeing Edward. I think the main issue we see so much with new build hi-rise (or mini hi-rise) in Glasgow is that the quality of materials used is just not good enough, and as they are so visible, you tend to focus on how poor they are.

I'm encouraged though by the use of concrete here instead of what I initially thought was either white render or cheap white cladding, but like anything, the devil is in the detail.

A tower on it's own or as part of a coordinated grouping might work, but it/they need to stand out and have space to breathe. The early phases of Glasgow Harbour got it horribly wrong, and it's denseness is made worse by it's lack of quality. The later phases (GMAD) however were more successful as they were all coordinated, with minimal materials, and creative massing.
#3 Posted by Fraser on 19 Aug 2015 at 11:34 AM
I actually appreciate the height in this development, I feel the brownfield sites deserve some solid scaling to better define the site. However perhaps the industrial undertone could be emphasised more for historical context. I think the winner with this proposal will be the landscaping if it is sufficiently implemented. Glasgow could garner a lot from some better attempts at landscaping, there seems to have been a drive away from the open public realm. Overall I feel the utilisation of materials will be crucial here, to best enhance Scotway House. Hopefully this development is achieved with some flare as to instigate a truly more creative approach to the rest of the Glasgow Harbour development.
#4 Posted by Anon on 19 Aug 2015 at 11:53 AM
As part of a bigger redevelopment of the brownfield sites in this area this would work. However I agree that how the tower materials are detailed will make or break this project.

Yet another case of 'it's better than what is there' but without any real quality in the build it could again fall short of what should be expected.
A Local Pleb
#5 Posted by A Local Pleb on 19 Aug 2015 at 14:38 PM
I generally agree with most of the preceding comments. I do think the scale of the tower is appropriate. I agree the detail and execution will ultimately dictate how this looks.
My main concern is the fact this is yet another student residential development in this area. Surely such a concentration and fluctuations in population is not desirable?
A greater mix and integration of tenants types / owners is preferable?
Is this in line with GCC development plans?
#6 Posted by Roddy on 19 Aug 2015 at 16:39 PM
Surely student accommodation on this site is a mistake?? the original plans for this area was a mixed use space that made much more sense in consideration of the spaces potential link to the transport museum and the distinct lack of services and social 'hub' for the current Glasgow harbour developments.
#7 Posted by Billy on 19 Aug 2015 at 17:43 PM
About time this area was developed. The old docks in Govan's need developed too with flats and balconies, keeping the water and not filling in the docks like they did with the SECC site. Looking across from a prime tourist attraction to desolate brown sites would not be tolerated in any other city. Prime locations should sell easily. Developers should be falling over themselves for these prime locations. Why have they been desolate for so long is a mystery to me. I quite like these proposals and use of the listed building.
#8 Posted by Zeno on 20 Aug 2015 at 10:53 AM
Is the new bridge connecting Govan and Partick not being built at this site?
#9 Posted by Bruce on 20 Aug 2015 at 11:11 AM
More corten steel (rusty steel) it never looks good, it's the lazy architects choice for every post industrial setting!
Duncan T
#10 Posted by Duncan T on 20 Aug 2015 at 12:47 PM
In urban design terms, I think this proposal is an utter disaster. There are City Deal plans for a new footbridge over the Clyde somewhere close to the Riverside Museum. This site could by the key to attracting people through it and reactivate the riverfront. Glasgow response? A huge tower at the high point beside an expressway with an accompanying sprawling building that will block views towards the museum the legibility towards the river. Surely Glasgow Harbour's short term gain will destroy the long term value for their own site?
#11 Posted by wonky on 21 Aug 2015 at 12:37 PM
I don't think this adversely effects of the planned bridge ( if it is to be footbridge). Personally I think it ought to be a road-pedestrian bridge from wanlock street in Govan across to glasgow harbour terrace where it meets castlebank street. I think this is a decent proposal: the retention & integration of the historic scotway house is positive, as is the density of the project, although of course residential would have been preferable- but this area needs activity to start the ball rolling for further redevelopment.

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