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Dundee waterfront planning and design guidelines published

August 13 2015

Dundee waterfront planning and design guidelines published
Dundee City Council has published its planning and design guidelines for a £1bn waterfront masterplan following completion of the majority of infrastructure work.

A series of guides for architects, designers, planners and investors have been created for each development site which seeks to encourage design-led development.

Individual buildings currently under development include a residential scheme  by H&H Properties, a new railway station and V&A Dundee.

Mike Galloway, executive director of city development with Dundee City Council said: “The guides will help investors gain an understanding of our approach to development, and how they can partner with us as Dundee Waterfront expands. Almost all of the sites within the Central Waterfront are owned by Dundee City Council, so we can work in partnership with investors and take a long-term holistic approach to development to get the best for the city.”

To facilitate this work the council recently published a Dundee Waterfront app to navigate through the full range of development sites.


#1 Posted by Clive on 13 Aug 2015 at 12:53 PM
i can't say i have had one positive emotion toward the Dundee V&A proposals since it first emerged. The fact that it went to International competition is shameful. The fact that it wasn't restricted to home-grown Scottish talent is saddening. But more worrisome is that this is the best the 'world' can offer. I dinnae like it.
#2 Posted by Tam on 13 Aug 2015 at 15:00 PM
It is viciously ugly and one of the worst concrete hell designs that could have been chosen for a grey city like Dundee.
#3 Posted by dalrylama on 13 Aug 2015 at 16:34 PM
Clearly no one has told 'Tam' that Dundee is one of the sunniest and brightest cities in Scotland.

That aside, the original competition winning scheme was rather elegant. The proposal we have before us now is not so; but has still managed to retain the 1000 seagull-crap-catching ledges of the original that worried me so at the time.

I truly hope it turns out better than I think it will; after all Dundee has shown so much ambition to get to this stage; unlike some of the "bigger, smarter cities" which routinely mothball ambitious projects.
#4 Posted by Clive on 18 Aug 2015 at 05:34 AM
Dundee never seems to nail its waterfront. how many have tried?
start off with dual carriageways to keep you uncionnected with the water. Add a Tesco and B&Q. Build a 'Discovery Centre' that takes no signal from the river at all, build hotels and leisure centres that come and go. This is no improvement. Some of the work in the docks is good, and breathes live into an old industrial heart of the City. (and i agree - Dundee is far from grey - off all the Cities in Scotland, Dundee has a fabulous climate. introverted bunkers and car parks do not do any justice to the City, or the Silvery Tay.

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