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Partick student accommodation drive steps up a gear

June 15 2015

Partick student accommodation drive steps up a gear
A further wave of student housing development is set to wash over Partick in Glasgow following a decision by Select Property Group to press ahead with a huge scheme comprising 441 self-contained studio flats later this month.

The £67m Beith Street project will operate under the Vita Student brand and will be faced in terracotta, aluminium and brick the project will be sited close to Partick subway station.

Select Property chief executive Mark Stott, said: "The redevelopment of the city's west end presents an outstanding opportunity for us to deliver a legacy of unique and inspirational living environments for the students of Glasgow."

Designed by ADF Architects the scheme is scheduled to complete in phases with the first students moving in over August next year and full completion scheduled for December 2016.
Students will begin moving in next August
Students will begin moving in next August


#1 Posted by james on 16 Jun 2015 at 11:16 AM
I can see this site has a long development history.

All that I am conscious of and continually reminded of, is how far the ideological ground has shifted beneath us over the last 40 years.

How incrementally and how insidiously, so that we think of this and tacitly accept this as a 'norm', or even worse, somehow 'good' when it is in fact void of anything or values that could be called civilised.

After all, who needs a structured urban society when you have a smartphone?

These buildings are warehouses, just like the now-demolished red road flats were latterly warehouses for 'immigrants' - These super scaled-up buildings are no more than repositories for 'students' wrapped in a veneer of mannerist tat with self-contained cells accessed by Kafka-esque escape routes. The grindingly banal functionalism of planning efficiency (we may as well all just eat astronaut food). All hail the mighty dolla!

An exemplar of capitalism.

Suck it up.
Neil C
#2 Posted by Neil C on 17 Jun 2015 at 12:30 PM
As a place for students to live, this is leagues above the unheated, damp, claustrophobic HMO flat in Hillhead my wife occupied while she was at uni.

As a standalone example of modern architecture, it's absolutely irredeemable in every single regard.

Depends what you're looking for, really.
James Craig
#3 Posted by James Craig on 3 Nov 2015 at 17:27 PM
An utter disgrace that another backhander to some fat cat councillor in Glasgow has led to the building of another monstrous eye sore. Yet another blight on the once wonderful West End, for soulless property investors and rich students. It adds nothing to the city's past, present or future.

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