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University of Glasgow lines up medical imaging centre for autumn start

June 2 2015

University of Glasgow lines up medical imaging centre for autumn start
The University of Glasgow is to press ahead with delivery of a £64m Stratified Medicine Imaging Centre this autumn, following demolition of an existing clinical building on-site over the summer.

Codenamed Project ICE the facility will be built within the South Glasgow Hospitals campus, taking the form of a glazed box overlain by a woven steel mesh above a base of polished concrete panels.

In a design statement BMJ Architects observed: “A materials palette has been developed to take cognisance of the wider campus and proposed re-cladding proposals at the adjacent Institute of Neurological Sciences (INS), whilst meeting the over-arching desire to provide a unique and distinct facility that is instantly recognizable.”

Once built the facility will function as a centre for excellence for research into strokes, cardio-vascular disease and brain imaging.

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#1 Posted by james on 2 Jun 2015 at 16:33 PM
Surely this facade design of mirrored glass and the stuck-on-sticky-out-bits (that look as though they could be lethal and verneer take mah heid aff, given the right wind conditions), is at least funny...?

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