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Contractor appointed for £7m Govan Interchange upgrade

May 7 2015

Contractor appointed for £7m Govan Interchange upgrade
Graham Construction has been appointed by SPT to deliver a £7m upgrade of Govan Interchange, the seventh subway station to be given a makeover as part of a £288m modernisation drive.

Encompassing the neighbouring bus station the work will see a new Fastlink stop built along with sweeping glass entrance canopies and covered walkways. Internally new passenger lifts will be installed as well as a modern ticket office and new flooring, wall and ceiling finishes.

External concourse areas will be repaved in Caithness stone with glass security barriers regulating access to individual bus stances.

Elsewhere the existing 1970s station will be simply cleaned and repointed.

SPT Chair Jim Coleman said: “Easy interchange with bus and Fastlink services are essential to encourage the uptake of public transport use to the new South Glasgow hospitals. To help make that as seamless as possible, our customers and those who work around Subway stations deserve a pleasant and welcoming environment. We also hope these works will be a real boost to the area.”

Work on the AHR designed scheme is scheduled to complete by the end of next year.


#1 Posted by David on 7 May 2015 at 19:56 PM
An improvement, but disappointing that the station building is not being demolished and rebuilt, as has been done at St Enoch Square. Lost opportunity as it could have become a real landmark building for Govan
#2 Posted by boredonlooker on 8 May 2015 at 13:36 PM
£7 million for what? c'mon look to the future and not merely drag the 70's into the 80's!
Peter Atkinson
#3 Posted by Peter Atkinson on 8 May 2015 at 22:58 PM
If we can perhaps put aside the architectural merits of the building (and it is respectable enough) it might be possible to see such refurbishment in a positive light. The subway system has been a forgotten asset for Glasgow. Ideally, proximity to its stations should act as a catalyst for development and lead to higher population densities in the surrounding streets. The openness of the area surrounding the Govan station is striking in its absurdity. Let us hope that things change.
#4 Posted by Billy on 9 May 2015 at 01:20 AM
Better than it was. But what about a station inspired by Govan's shipbuilding past? Playing safe is boring. Go the extra mile. Each station should have its own recognisable local identity. We just have to say, good but not good enough. What can we do to improve the design with an eye on functionality. These stations could feature as photo opportunities if they have a historical connection in their designs. They should all have their names with a Charles Rennie mackintosh font. I love the metro signs in central Paris. I bought a pewter picture frame modelled on one of the station entrances. Money spinner there too. Lets enjoy, celebrate and exploit our hidden treasures and past. Our competitors are.

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