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UK spaceport bid launched by Campbeltown Airport

May 5 2015

UK spaceport bid launched by Campbeltown Airport
Machrihanish Airbase Community Company (MACC), owners of Campbeltown Airport, has released concept visualisations prepared by Doug James of Mode Design for a proposed spaceport at the former RAF base.

Led by Discover Space UK the bid team cite inherent advantages of a Campbeltown bid, notably a 3,000ft long runway, low population density and community ownership.

Campbeltown is amongst five locations to be shortlisted for the launch pad, going head-to head with Prestwick, Stornoway, Newquay and Llanbedr to land the out of this world prize.

MACC chairman and Discover Space UK director Tom Miller, said: “Machrihanish has a long-history with space flight, going back to the launch of NASA’s Space Shuttle in 1981.

“Machrihanish was an emergency landing site for the shuttle in Europe, with our 3,049m runway long enough to welcome the shuttle and get it airborne again aboard a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.

“Then in 2009, the last time the UK looked at establishing a spaceport, Virgin Galactic said Machrihanish was one of its preferred sites for the UK spaceport.”

The UK government aims to have an operational spaceport by 2018.
Budding space tourists will be asked to pay up to £200k per trip
Budding space tourists will be asked to pay up to £200k per trip


#1 Posted by visitor on 5 May 2015 at 12:52 PM
Good luck to Campbelltown. The obvious choice for a UK base.
As far as the architecture goes, an oversize Millenium Falcon building is really the only acceptable design for a spaceport. The sooner everyone comes to terms with this, the better.
In all seriousnes, i wonder if the current design concept goes beyond an angular render? What's inside?
#2 Posted by Taffanaut on 5 May 2015 at 20:34 PM
There is an ex RAF site with infrastructure and a 2200m main runway in an isolated westerly location but still within reach of a large proportion of UK aerospace industry.
#3 Posted by Terra on 6 Jun 2016 at 04:22 AM
Looks great and is a great idea! Although I think I'd rather Prestwick got it.

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