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Former Strathclyde University offices to be turned into student accommodation

April 29 2015

Former Strathclyde University offices to be turned into student accommodation
Michael Laird Architects have submitted plans on behalf of KR Developments to erect a two storey extension to the existing Alexander Turnbull Building, transforming it from office space to student accommodation in the process.

Located on Glasgow’s George Street within Strathclyde University’s city centre campus the scheme will necessitate removal of the existing roof and chimneys to carve out 83 en-suite studio bedrooms, gym, TV room and study.

This will see a profiled metal panel extension inserted at roof level whilst the ground floor area is activated with a shopfront and hardwood timber screens and doors.

In their design statement the architects noted: “Due to compromised internal space planning, the poor condition of existing roof and to maximise the usable space, the decision was made to remove the roof structure and replace it with a modern lightweight roof extension.

“By continuing the pilasters from levels 4 to 6 and the rhythm of the structural bays a roofscape was created by introducing ‘dormer’ frames. This provides a positive attitude to the roof which reflects the proportions of the existing bays.  Using a dark grey frame and panels within the roof extension and windows to existing façade provides a unity between new and old elements creating the effect of a layer behind the existing façade.

“By increasing the glazed area adjacent to the entrance this activates the street frontage and provided a visual link between reception and amenity space and the street. Hardwood timber doors provide secondary access and escapes and provide an insight into the buildings previous use as a warehouse.”

The scheme follows the recent completion of the university's technology and innovation centre.


Edward Harkins
#1 Posted by Edward Harkins on 29 Apr 2015 at 15:09 PM
Good to read of this; especially with the inclusion of new glazing uses. It's a striking if perhaps unlovely building - but the interior is very much of its era and wholly outmoded now. Was a time when the likes of the University of Strathclyde would have torn this down and replaced with who knows what. Things have progressed.
#2 Posted by Brian on 30 Apr 2015 at 09:14 AM
Im glad the building will be used ,But more student accommodation,Wonder what the residents in neighbouring Luxury flats will have to say.
Edward Harkins
#3 Posted by Edward Harkins on 30 Apr 2015 at 12:00 PM
Ha Brain! Is it the local circular economy model? - Students get qualified... get well paid professional jobs... b ut the luxury flats (or more likely these days, rent them)? I always did think it bizarre that people who chose to buy flats in 'evening economy' Merchants City were reportedly instrumental in getting the original atmospheric heavy-curtained entrance to ARTA closed off for much of the time). Because 'of the late night noise'... vibrant city centre of culture and entertainment?
#4 Posted by james on 30 Apr 2015 at 12:09 PM
Far more importantly, can anyone else remember the Dunrobin bar here? Or am I all alone in this memory, soon to be collecting my pension?
John Macfarlane
#5 Posted by John Macfarlane on 4 May 2015 at 04:09 AM
yes, I remember the Dunrobin Bar in the 1960's. I also seem to recall that when it was demolished, its original signboard was "saved" and stored for a while in the Physics Department.

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