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National Theatre of Scotland HQ set for July start

March 30 2015

National Theatre of Scotland HQ set for July start
Work to build a Gareth Hoskins Architects designed headquarters for The National Theatre of Scotland at Speirs Wharf is to get underway in July for completion next spring.

Part of Glasgow’s North Quarter project the £5.875m scheme will draw together rehearsal and technical spaces together under one roof for the first time and bring a redundant building back into use.

Chris Coleman-Smith, director of Gareth Hoskins Architects said: “We are excited by the ambition of the organisation to create theatre on a national and international scale that is contemporary, confident and forward-looking and we aim to deliver a building that reflects that ambition.

“The new facility is designed to meet both their immediate and long term requirements, facilitating the continued evolution, development and growth of the National Theatre of Scotland, and contributing to the sustainable regeneration of the area.”

The cultural hub is being built within a repurposed warehouse complete with new cladding, a roof and biomass boiler and will be a centre for the conception, development and rehearsal of new work although it will not be a performance space.


Big Chantelle
#1 Posted by Big Chantelle on 31 Mar 2015 at 15:27 PM
Nothing celebrates the art of the theatre quite like a concrete warehouse. The performers can be inspired to wiggle their tushes to the sounds of Rachmaninov in this 'contemporary, forward looking' building.

Is there some law that prohibits buildings being, erm, beautiful?
#2 Posted by David on 31 Mar 2015 at 15:57 PM
This building is beautiful. I really like the modernist concrete aesthetic.
Basil Fawlty
#3 Posted by Basil Fawlty on 31 Mar 2015 at 16:52 PM
For his time, Rachmaninov was 'contemporary', with his work often described as "brutal and uncompromising"...He seemed to do ok from it. When Stravinsky premiered his 'Rite of Spring' in 1913 Paris, there were riots in the street. Yet, it is still regarded as one of the most influencial and groundbreaking pieces of 20th century music. Change is good!
Auntie Nairn
#4 Posted by Auntie Nairn on 3 Apr 2015 at 13:33 PM
It seems this is a re-hab of a "former cash and carry warehouse" and the budget is only £2m, but it does seem a bit stark.

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