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Architects unsurprised by V&A Dundee cost overruns

January 20 2015

Architects unsurprised by V&A Dundee cost overruns
The Scottish government’s pledge to provide an additional £10m to keep the V&A at Dundee project above water has been given short shrift by architect Alan Dunlop, who points out that it was never feasible to deliver the building for £45m – its budget as originally given – in a television interview.

That figure has now nearly doubled to £80m, ostensibly due to inflation within the construction industry. Dismissing these claims however Dunlop told BBC Reporting Scotland: “It was clear to anyone with any experience in architecture and building that it couldn’t be built for the £50m allocated budget. It just couldn’t be done without reductions in cost.”

As far back as 2010 commentators were warning that the museum could end up a ‘millstone around the city’s neck’ amidst widespread industry incredulity at the £45m figure quoted by project backers.

A funding gap of £30m remains to be bridged to make the first purpose built design museum outside London a reality.


D to the R
#1 Posted by D to the R on 21 Jan 2015 at 13:41 PM
UR .... Really?! AD said summit, we heard it, we're reporting it? Quiet week?
#2 Posted by TC on 21 Jan 2015 at 19:22 PM
Neil C
#3 Posted by Neil C on 24 Jan 2015 at 12:08 PM
This is developing into a real bad news story, with the latest contributions from Rex, saying the same as Dunlop and Sutherland Hussey. Winning project could not be built for budget. Why wait until now to say so. Nice jumper by the way Dunlop;-)

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