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‘Industrial’ canalside homes take shape

January 7 2015

‘Industrial’ canalside homes take shape
A development of 108 ‘industrial’ aesthetic homes is taking shape at Firhill Basin, Glasgow, on a canalside site formerly home to an iron foundry.

Taking the form of a series of four storey ‘point’ blocks interspersed with terraced homes and a larger six storey block the Timber Basin is intended to connect with neighbouring tenements.

Defined by steeply pitched roofs and a mixed palette of brick the scheme has been oriented to maximise its elevated views and present building ‘gables’ as primary frontages.

The £12.6m Timber Basin project has been designed by Mast Architects on behalf of Queens Cross Housing Association utilising a timber kit construction method devised by CCG.

The first properties are expected to be handed over by the summer.
A 5m change in level posed a challenge for builders
A 5m change in level posed a challenge for builders
A six storey flatted block will complete the new estate
A six storey flatted block will complete the new estate


#1 Posted by Sven on 7 Jan 2015 at 14:23 PM
Not getting the 'industrial' vibe from the drawings but the use of gables as a focal point works well. It does look Scandinavian rather than Scottish (crow steps, corbels and white harling etc) but fine none the less.
Heather Thornley
#2 Posted by Heather Thornley on 7 Jan 2015 at 14:27 PM
The distinct lack of pink cladding and windows is appealing on this project.
#3 Posted by Charlie_ on 7 Jan 2015 at 16:05 PM
Surely would have been much more successful if the blocks had lined up in parallel against the river rather than being scattered haphazardly like a suburban subdivision.
Tam Honks
#4 Posted by Tam Honks on 7 Jan 2015 at 16:21 PM
What about a pitched roof, buff brick and black cadding [clean much!?] is industrial? It certainly doesn't mirror or even replicate, in fact there is barely a nod to the shipyards and industry of old.
#5 Posted by John on 8 Jan 2015 at 13:42 PM
Wasted roof space. Why not use it when the pitch is so steep.

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