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Contractors sought for HMP Inverclyde

October 6 2014

Contractors sought for HMP Inverclyde
The Scottish Prisons Service is inviting tenders for the design and construction of a 350 place prison in Greenock.

HMP Inverclyde will focus exclusively on female offenders offering a range of supporting facilities, replacing the existing Cornton Vale jail near Stirling which is scheduled to close.

Specialised features of the new prison will include mother and baby units, full kitchens to encourage independent living and the removal of grille gates from cells.

Built on the site of the former St Columba’s High School on Inverkip Road the £60m prison has seen outline designs prepared by HLM Architects.

HMP Greenock, which was originally to have closed, has been granted a reprieve following the decision to make HMP Inverclyde women-only.
HMP Inverclyde is to be built on the site of the former St Columba’s High School
HMP Inverclyde is to be built on the site of the former St Columba’s High School


Lindsay Buchan
#1 Posted by Lindsay Buchan on 7 Oct 2014 at 13:37 PM
Good old public sector delivering value for money! It hasn't even been tendered yet but we're being told it will cost £75million which is £250k per cell, I reckon you could build two five star hotels for that!
A Local Pleb
#2 Posted by A Local Pleb on 7 Oct 2014 at 14:42 PM
This appears to be quite a difference from Low Moss which I believe was a 700 cell prison costing £116m, so £165k per cell! This was only completed about 3 years ago. Ok a different category of prisoner but over a 50% increase?
#3 Posted by David on 7 Oct 2014 at 15:13 PM

I think if you put prisoners in 5 star hotels they would escape fairly quickly. Perhaps the large costs might have something to do with the security requirements of a large mixed catagory prison establishment?...

Just a thought.
#4 Posted by Shaun on 9 Apr 2016 at 19:05 PM
I would like to thank the tax payers for my stays in yer poxy holiday camps thanks again HMY OH i in it fur eh laughter in it fur the banter HMYOI POLMONT is a Fukin canter
#5 Posted by Billy on 16 Mar 2019 at 16:03 PM
The school in the pic isn’t st.columbas that’s Greenock high

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