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Consultation launched for Shawlands civic square

September 15 2014

 Consultation launched for Shawlands civic square
Glasgow City Council has launched a consultation into the creation of a new civic square in Shawlands as part of a wider £3.3m strategy to improve the neighbourhood environment by 2017.

Situated at Shawlands Cross, opposite Langside Halls, the plan is to better integrate Queens Park with the town centre through provision of a new gateway space, complementing recent public realm enhancements made to Kilmarnock Road.

In a statement GCC said: “The council believe a well-designed space could bring Queens Park into the heart of the Shawlands town centre and potentially attract more visitors to the area by providing a gateway. The proposed public space could also act as a potential stopping point to and from the city centre and for those on route to Scotland's national football stadium at Hampden.

“The council and its partners want to know what the Shawlands and the Southside community think of the proposal and the design of any potential square.”

The consultation launches at Langside Hall on 24 September between 10:00 and 20:00 with a follow-up event taking place between 10:00 and 18:00 on 4 October.

Separate plans are already in train from Collective Architecture to transform Langside Halls into a community resource.

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A Local Pleb
#1 Posted by A Local Pleb on 15 Sep 2014 at 13:14 PM
As this article conveys little information I would suggest that for those who want to find out more visit the council's web page...

...and / or read the following proposals document from the council...

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