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Dundee Western Gateway ‘village’ plan fleshed out

August 4 2014

Dundee Western Gateway ‘village’ plan fleshed out
Springfield Property have fleshed out their bid to erect a new ‘village’ on the western outskirts of Dundee with a second planning application for the sprawling site.

Dykes of Gray will occupy 47 acres of farmland, introducing a range of 2-5 bedroom detached, semi-detached and terraced properties. A civic space, village green, shops and a nursery are also expected.

The second application concerns fields to the north of the first which will form the hub of the wider master plan, incorporating a village square with connecting streets and shared court areas radiating from this.

Externally properties will be finished in dry dash and smooth render, small areas of masonry and timber, flat profile roof tiles or slate and grey windows with natural timber cladding.

In their design statement Springfield state: “In order to establish a sustainable community we have chosen to provide a broad range of house types, village amenities, services, a village heart, a village green and integrate these to arrive at a contemporary design which has the spirit of a historic rural village.”


#1 Posted by Sven on 4 Aug 2014 at 22:16 PM
I was under the impression that the population of Dundee was falling which made me look at why a developer would want to build is close to Ninewells Hospital, so decent demand for local housing for associated staff.

I suppose my question has to be what is a village? What social glue sticks it together as a cohesive whole and not another urban add on to a bigger urban area (possible land bought cheap on the hope of using marketing to sell development as something more than it is). Most new suburban housing has a 'village green', normally grass, desperate looking shrubs and plants and a small playpark, all demanded by local councils and paid for by home owners paid via a management company/factor. So nothing new here.
#2 Posted by Stewart on 6 Aug 2014 at 14:11 PM
Over the past 10 years the population of Dundee has stabilised and is now growing.

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