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British Golf Museum wins rooftop extension bid

February 10 2014

British Golf Museum wins rooftop extension bid
Plans to build a rooftop extension at the British Golf Museum, St Andrews, have been given the nod by Fife Council.

Situated on the Bruce Embankment it would enjoy expansive views across West Sands beach and will ‘enhance the appearance’ of the nearby B-listed Royal and Ancient Golf Club, it is claimed.

Designed by Richard Murphy Architects the scheme will create an 80-seat café and outdoor terrace, drawing more tourists to the attraction.

Fife Council service manager Alastair Hamilton, said: “In this instance, due to the high quality and well considered design of the proposed scheme, it is considered that the proposed extension and alterations would enhance the appearance of the existing building and visual amenity of the surrounding Bow Butts area whilst preserving the character and appearance of the St Andrews Conservation Area, the historic St Andrews skyline and the setting of the neighbouring listed building.”

The project follows on from construction of a new storage facility on the green by the St Andrews Links Trust.
It is hoped the new facilities will be a major tourist draw
It is hoped the new facilities will be a major tourist draw


in keeping
#1 Posted by in keeping on 11 Feb 2014 at 12:39 PM
this doesn't look like a Murphy building at all - and lacks the confidence of the original it's planted on... in fact it looks a bit like the wind's lifted the dormers of the adjacent club house and plonked it on top!
Can we detect the hand of a planner or local conservation group looking for it to be 'in keeping' in order to gain support for the high quality of design????
#2 Posted by CADMonkey on 11 Feb 2014 at 16:08 PM
I tend to agree, although at this particular location nothing should compete with the R+A Clubhouse of the golf for visual stimulation. Difficult to tell from a single image, but the cantilever looks a bit odd and for some reason it has a wiff of a Japanese pavilion about it. I'd give it "C " in a crit.
Goosey gander
#3 Posted by Goosey gander on 11 Feb 2014 at 19:43 PM
Given the grump that's come from Murphy's camp about someone else altering the Fruitmarket, did he get Andrew Merrylees approval for this intrusion?

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