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Union Street hotel plan wins approval

November 29 2013

Union Street hotel plan wins approval
Plans to erect a new hotel on Aberdeen’s Union Street have found favour with Aberdeen City Council’s planning department - which has given its blessing to the 134 bedroom property.

Designed by Fitzgerald Associates on behalf of Tip Top Properties the venture will entail retention of an existing frontage and demolition of a rear elevation on Langstane Place to make way for a new nine storey building.

Rising to varying heights the new build will be faced in granite cladding with a top level roof garden and restaurant terrace offering expansive city views.

Convener Ramsay Milne said: "The whole area will be improved by this hotel and it's essential that we do what we can to improve and regenerate the west end of the city centre. This is an important development, not only for the regeneration of the city centre, but also for business and employment in Aberdeen, and to ensure that the city remains an attractive destination for business and leisure tourists who are so important to the economy.”


big jimbo
#1 Posted by big jimbo on 29 Nov 2013 at 13:54 PM
love the 'horizontal' emphasis of the cladding. once more a lovingly crafted scheme that the council of aberdeen approves. good work all round. *thumbs up*
#2 Posted by Bill on 29 Nov 2013 at 16:50 PM
Wow. Let me get off my chair to applaud the Local Authority for approving yet another fantastic design on Union Street. Bravo Sirs (and Madam's). Bravo indeed.

The granite cladding panel contrasts so subtly with "low-e" double-glazed curtain walling that I am extremely surprised no one else has come up with this type of finish before. This is fantastic and utterly unique, and makes me proud to see what this City is capable of. I especially enjoy the clear contextual analysis conducted by the Architects that suggests the existing 3 - 5 storey neighbouring buildings on Langstane Place can be dwarfed by such an elegant building to no detriment. The K-rend “ashlar” horizontal rendered panels sneaking in the background are a testament to the aspiring qualities of such a well placed building. We are not, after all, in the heart of the seemingly “recession proof” City, the supposed Oil Capital of Europe, so why have any material aspiration at all? I admire the scale of the entrance in comparison to the adjacent street-scape; the sense of generosity upon arrival must truly rival that of the great Westhill example of hotel offerings. The token roof gardens signify an attempt at Aberdeen City Council’s “café culture” and with the backdrop of yet more glazed curtain walling, I cannot wait to enjoy reading the P+J with the stunning views over Dusk and Orchid, and eventually towards Murphy’s attempt at an office / hotel complex.

Convener Ramsay Milne said: "The whole area will be improved by this hotel…” Yes. The whole area on Langstane Place between this development, the Bauhaus one two doors up, the Travelodge and Park Inn up the road, and the proposed hotel and offices on the sites of the former Bells Bar and Jumpin’ Jacks.

#3 Posted by IGIVEUP on 2 Dec 2013 at 08:24 AM
These muppets turned down Granite Web and yet this is another "modern addition" to Aberdeen City centre that beggars belief...
Trombe Wall
#4 Posted by Trombe Wall on 2 Dec 2013 at 09:36 AM
Trees. Throw a few trees at unfeasible high level areas, to give your design a modern and dynamic look.

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