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Former Carbuncle town named Scotland’s most beautiful

September 11 2013

Former Carbuncle town named Scotland’s most beautiful
Perennial Carbuncle favourite Cumbernauld is the recipient of an altogether more welcome accolade after being named as the most ‘beautiful’ small city in Scotland.

The accolade was bestowed on the North Lanarkshire town by Beautiful Scotland in light of a number of innovative environmental projects currently taking place in the New Town; from a new community orchard, nature reserve and Hope Community Garden to Cumbernauld House Park, Cumbernauld Glen nature reserve and an eco-garden at Cumbernauld High School.

Society vice-chair Adam Smith, who picked up the trophy on behalf of residents, said: “Cumbernauld’s Carbuncle Award unfairly branded the whole town as the worst in Scotland when Cumbernauld is really a great place to live and has so much to offer. Last year Cumbernauld won a Civic Pride Award at the Scottish Design Awards and Sony Pictures Television has recently chosen Cumbernauld to host their new, multi-million pound Television Studio and Production Base to support the filming of Outlander, a major television production expected to rival Game of Thrones.

“These are just two of Cumbernauld’s many positive achievements which, in conjunction with this Beautiful Scotland award, will hopefully go some way to reversing the negative image which many people have of Cumbernauld”.


Neil C
#1 Posted by Neil C on 11 Sep 2013 at 14:05 PM
Nice to see Cumbernauld enjoying some positive PR for once, and these are all laudable schemes, but calling it the most beautiful small city in Scotland? Quite apart from the fact it's a town, it's not even the most beautiful place in North Lanarkshire, which is itself one of Scotland's least aesthetically-pleasing counties...
#2 Posted by wonky on 11 Sep 2013 at 15:49 PM
Ditto Neil. This article left me dazed and confused- it is patently ludicrous: who are the woodentops at Beautiful Scotland who make these crass decisions?
Yes there have been improvements and it shows the Carbuncle award does up peoples game- but most beautiful 'small city'?
Adam Smith
#3 Posted by Adam Smith on 11 Sep 2013 at 18:43 PM
The category of Beautiful Scotland entrants is based on population and Cumbernauld falls into the 'Small City' category as a result. Beautiful Scotland judges assess entrant villages, town, and cities on Horticultural Acheivement, Environmental Responsibility, and Community Participation... three things Cumbernauld does very well.
#4 Posted by wonky on 12 Sep 2013 at 16:49 PM
We could debate the semantics all day- Cumbernauld is not a city; large, small or otherwise.

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